Preparing plans for shire – planning application

Now that our survey has arrived, the draftee is Preparing plans for shire -for our planning application.

The drawing that is when the design has been worked out is called a sketch. A sketch plan cannot be used for building the house, and as such is not able to be used to submit to the shire.

These drawings are called working drawings and this is where the Builder has all of the notes required for the contractors to be able to use to build the house including all dimensions, window sizes, heights of walls etc.

There are also notes for the clients to be aware of eg. downpipes are installed at the discretion of the roof plumber and not necessarily where shown on the plan.

There should be a floor plan – this is the plan that shows all of the rooms and sizes of those rooms, sizes of doors, windows, dimensions of cabinets, baths, etc.

There should be an elevation – this is the plan that shows the elevations of the house, eg front elevation, and each side. This plan should show height of walls, ceilings, windows, placement of HWS (hot water system), external taps ground levels around the house etc.

There should be a site plan – this is the plan that shows the survey information, the placement of the house on the block, all of the services if they are available, it should also list the plan/Diagram # from the title, the shire. A good surveyor will also show the locality diagram and the sewer diagram if available, not all surveyors show this info.

My little herb garden

The lawns at Wisley's RHS Gardens.

The lawns at Wisley’s RHS Gardens. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My Little herb garden








We don’t have a garden in our yard, we prefer to spend our leisure time on the boat and not having to worry about gardens, watering and weeding.

We used to have a rather large potted garden of herbs, with chillies and tomatoes, just about everything, but after a while it was neglected and Grumpy decided to clean the area out and we ended up chucking it all out about 7 years ago.

Bunnings Warehouse

When I was looking for a “little herb garden”, I went into Bunnings the day of the boat show when it was pouring with rain, the only car park I could get was the one so far from the entrance that it should have been across the road. I asked the lady in charge of the garden area if they had what I wanted and was told NO.

I went out to the seedlings in the pouring rain, collected the seedlings, found the pots and then realised I needed potting mix. I asked the same lady which sort of potting mix should I get, she pointed out the bags to get, I walked over, looked at these horrendously huge bags – 20kg – there was no way I could pick up one of those let alone 3. They were all torn so I didn’t get the bags she suggested.

Got 3 smaller bags of potting mix, through them on the trolley in the pouring rain, getting angrier by the minute, you couldn’t move as everyone was standing in the doorway because of the rain.

I pushed past and went into the closest aisle to stand and wait, by this time I had been there for over an hour. While I was standing in the aisle waiting to be able to move, what did I find but a little kit with 3 little pots with seeds for Parsley, Basil and Coriander, just what I was looking for. Had I not been so angry I probably wouldn’t have done what I did, I left the trolley where it was, paid for my seedling kit and ran to the car.

I had to get some dirt to mix with the vermiculite from out on the verge as the only dirt we have in our yard is sand and that wouldn’t have had any nutrients.

In our last house and all of our previous houses we had manicured lawnsand gardens, when we built this house we decided to pave the entire yard with the exception of a large dirt patch out the back for the dogs (we had 2 dogs 10 years ago when we moved in, unfortunately they have since passed several years ago). We would spend a lot of time weeding the gardens and Grumpy used to mow the lawns a

nd it used to take nearly a day, by the time he mowed the lawn and edged it.

The water bill used to be quite high as well. Now our water bill is so low it’s great.

In our new house, there will be no garden but instead of a dirt patch, we will have an area that has pebbles for the little girl to do her business. One of our friends suggested artificial lawn, but that smells after a while.








Who says fashion and boating don’t go together

Bright coloured Philosophy for the boat

Eversun tunic great for the boat

Who says fashion and boating don’t go together, I for one don’t, I love to dress up whether I am on the boat, going shopping, work out for dinner or wherever I am going. If you feel good in yourself that shows on the outside.

I always wear trousers of some sort , be it trousers, leggings, shorts and tracksuit bottoms on the boat, I am not having someone look at my knickers.

This top and undershirt is a Philosphy top from last year. The colours that came in last summer seem to be back in again now, bright colours.

I wore my orange shoes again with this outfit.

This dress is an Eversun, I love this brand. The fabric is always light weight and one of my favourite things is drip dry.

When boating, you need to have clothes that are flexible, non iron and light weight, this brand ticks all of these boxes

The shorts I wear all the time as both dress shorts and and casual shorts are from NONI B A few years ago I bought a lot of clothing from Noni B, however the last few years their fashion buyers have either changed or the buyers have changed the direction of their focus on clientelle as the clothing now seems to be focused on either the younger woman or the older woman, nothing in between.

I was in the Mandurah shop on the weekend and a lady came to the counter to give her opinion on the fashion, not a negative one, but a suggestion.  She said that she had written to the head office regarding the amount of sleeveless outfits that they have and she said that most mature ladies don’t like their arms being uncovered and would like to have a small cap sleeve, but preferably a sleeve to just above the elbow. I am one of those women, as I have larger upper arms and don’t like to have them on show.

Gabriella Fratini 30th

Black and white leggings

Black and white leggings (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Gabriella Fratini 30th

I wore this Gabriella Fratini dress 30th to work.

I have an aversion to circles, spots, dots on fabrics of any kind, they should just not be there. In saying that, I love wearing this little dress.

The white fabric is a mesh and the fabric with the circles is a light weight fabric.

When I wear this little dress, I feel very feminine, the heels aren’t that high and together they make a great outfit.

I tend to wear leggings a lot as I don’t like wearing dresses on their own, and this way I can wear a dress and feel comfortable.

A few years ago before leggings became fashionable I wore trousers or shorts only, never dresses.

I only wear plain leggings, generally black, white, brown or blue as a lot of the dresses that I own have a pattern in them. I do think however, even with a plain dress, I wouldn’t wear patterned leggings.

I have got a couple of red pairs, but when I wear them, I don’t feel that they go!

I have found that the softer the fabric and the more stretch in the grain, the better the leggings.

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3 boats rafted up in the Estuary

It was going to be a fantastic afternoon 34° and little wind, so we decided to raft up in the Estuary out the front of the war memorial with 2 other couples on their boats,

We had 3 boats rafted up in the Estuary, we dropped our pick (anchor) and our friends with their 37 Riviera pulled up alongside, we tied up and sat and had lunch and watched the idiots go by.

It seems that when the nice weather starts all the idiots get out on the water, we were very clearly anchored 2 rather large boats tied up together, you can’t miss us and we were getting all of the pontoon boats and tinnies coming so close we could have touched them.

The problem caused when boats go flying past us at speed is wash, and when there is wash our boats crash into one another. We set our fenders and all was fine until the twats started speeding by, we had to move our fenders a few times and then we gave up and just added more.

We used all of 3.5 ltrs of fuel going from home, to the Estuary and home again.

We had a couple of pods of dolphins following us in the Estuary and of course Braandi went nuts. We have never been out on the water

A pontoon boat approaches on Lake Gaston, VA-N...

A pontoon boat approaches on Lake Gaston, VA-NC with choir and friends from Genesis UMC of Cary, North Carolina. Two rafts sit on the back of the boat above the engine. Photo by James E. Scarborough July 10, 2004. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

and not seen either dolphins, whales, seals, sting rays or penguins.

Sue and Grumpy go quite sick with hay fever early afternoon which put a dampener on things because they had trouble with itchy eyes and runny noses.

I think the scotch helped them somewhat though.

About 5pm our other friends turned up and rafted up on our other side, and by then the tossers had gone home so it was quite calm.

Sharon cooked up some sausages and bread rolls for nibbles along with some peri peri chicken.

Paul cooked curry for tea, and as I don’t eat curry, I bought a spaghetti bog in Woollies before we went.

Sue and Pauls, daughter and her finance came early evening to have tea with us all and it was nice and calm with the blue lights on the boats it was just fantastic.

Complain and I will tip it over your head

Complain and I tip it over your head




Grumpy was warned “Complain and I tip it over your head.”


I made Chicken Chasseur a few weeks ago on a cook up on my day off from work, vacuum sealed it and froze it for dinner for another night.


I took the plastic bag out of  the freezer this morning and left it in the fridge to defrost during the day.


When we got home Grumpy asked what were we having for tea, I told him chicken chasseur and he asked what are we having with it, Rice or mash and vegies, I said it was up to him.


He chose rice. Much to his chagrin I cooked the rice in the Thermomix. He asked was I going to get rid of the rice cooker and I said yes.

I was absolutely gobsmacked, he ate the whole lot and didn’t complain, so it can’t have been that bad,  I enjoyed it and even saved some for lunch tomorrow.


The whole meal was cooked in the Thermomix.

I am going to make fruity berry dream for dessert,

Frozen berries, sugar and 1 egg white blended to make a berry dessert like ice cream



Grumpy (Photo credit: Tony in WA)



ABR (Australian Building Regulation ) is now online

For those who are interested ABR (Australian Building Regulation ) is now online

If you are building a new house in Western Australia it can sometimes be a good read, other times it is quite boring, it doesn’t have girly things like fashion or recipes.3

In this issue there is an article about condensation and how to avoid it in your home an article about cross laminated timber for sustainability???

I am sure it is a bloke thing.


Amendments to Building Act 2012

I have received the official email from the Building commission regarding the changes to the Building Act effective November 2012 this is the official document regarding the amendments to the Building Act.

Hopefully people will read the document and these changes will make a huge difference in the time taken to obtain a building permit (new terminology for building license).


Bacon & Sweet Chilli & Cheese pull apart – completely Thermomix free

Thermomix. Receta MiniMagdalenas

Thermomix. Receta MiniMagdalenas (Photo credit: chocolatisimo)

Bacon & Sweet Chilli & Cheese pull apart – NOT made in the Thermomix

Bacon & Sweet Chilli & Cheese pull apart – NOT made in the Thermomix.

I wanted to make a pull apart, we eat them all the time from Bakers Delight.

I said to Grumpy I am going to buy more yeast because I am going to use a bit this week, I want to make a pull apart and some cinnamon scrolls.

He walked over to the fridge, looked inside and said you don’t need any, there are 2 sachets of 25 gms each and this container that contains 250gm, it’s half full, if you need more than that there’s something wrong.

I didn’t want the sachets, I need 30gm not 50 and he said well weigh it then. That’s not the point, I want 30gm and I don’t want to have to open a sachet of yeast that may not get eaten.

I didn’t buy any yeast, I thought bugger him I,m going to use his.

He asked me what I was going to put on it and how was I going to make it, I told him, sweet chilli sauce, bacon bits, grated cheese and Chives, (I asked him a few weeks ago to buy me some shallots and of course he didn’t listen and bought me a packet of dried chives)

He was arguing that the Thermomix does not knead bread, it can’t not with those blades, all it does is chop it up.

Well typical Grumpy he went off and made my pull apart, he does this all the time, I think it must be a male chest thumping thing.

He thought he was so smart, we were sitting in the lounge and I got a text, I thought it might have been From my friend Shelley but it wasn’t it was from Grumpy with a photo of his masterpiece and the comment HOME MADE BACON, CHILLI, CHEESE PULL APART COMPLETELY THERMOMIX FREE.

It was very nice, but that is not the point, I was supposed to make it.

I will make one on Wednesday when I have my day off from work and see what nasty comments he can come up with.

Whispers dress for work 29th

Whispers dress for work 29th


Whispers dress for work 29th, this is a light weight dress that has layers of fabric, red stitching and some buttons as embellishments.

I can’t remember where I got this dress as our local shops don’t carry this brand, so I am thinking it must have been in Sydney or Sanctuary cove on one of our boat show visits.

We don’t go anywhere unless there is a boat show, not my choice, I would rather go where there are shops, however, I must say both Sanctuary Cove and Sydney – Darling Harbour are great for shopping and having coffee and cake.