Gabriella Fratini 30th

Black and white leggings

Black and white leggings (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Gabriella Fratini 30th

I wore this Gabriella Fratini dress 30th to work.

I have an aversion to circles, spots, dots on fabrics of any kind, they should just not be there. In saying that, I love wearing this little dress.

The white fabric is a mesh and the fabric with the circles is a light weight fabric.

When I wear this little dress, I feel very feminine, the heels aren’t that high and together they make a great outfit.

I tend to wear leggings a lot as I don’t like wearing dresses on their own, and this way I can wear a dress and feel comfortable.

A few years ago before leggings became fashionable I wore trousers or shorts only, never dresses.

I only wear plain leggings, generally black, white, brown or blue as a lot of the dresses that I own have a pattern in them. I do think however, even with a plain dress, I wouldn’t wear patterned leggings.

I have got a couple of red pairs, but when I wear them, I don’t feel that they go!

I have found that the softer the fabric and the more stretch in the grain, the better the leggings.

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