Thermomix and Cooking

I bought my THERMOMIX, the Beast, in September 2011 and have only just started using it in August 2012, I suppose I was daunted by the machine, as the demo that I had when my machine was delivered was less than favourable, the consultant obviously had not been demonstrating for long, not that I have an issue with this as we all have to learn, it was more that i felt she didn’t want to be there and had better things to do.

We didn’t cook all of the items that should have been demonstrated, and given that she was not confident and the attitude, everybody was talking and it was hard to learn anything from the demo, I also believe that the hype of getting my machine also made learning on the night difficult.

I have found that there are not many videos in English for the THERMOMIX, so I would like to make some you tube videos and include them on my blog, as I haven’t done this before, I ask in advance to excuse my lack of knowledge and professionalism.

I have scoured the Internet and watched every English-speaking video for the THERMOMIX and have managed to learn lots of great hints and ideas.

It’s hard to think how we did things in our previous days, but when my children lived at home, I cooked all of our meals and made all of our bread, snacks, pastries etc.  as we lived too far from any takeaway places and they were too expensive as well given that we had 2 skinny boys with holes in the bottom of their feet as they would eat the store out.

I tried to make a list of all of the meals that I used to cook when the boys were at home, and I had a mental block, I rang my mum, who gave me a list of meals that she cooks when the grand kids (my sisters children) come to visit and my list grew as I started to remember some of the meals that we cooked.

Thinking back, if I had my beast back then, I would have made a lot more different things in less time, I made everything the long and hard way  by hand, I only had an electric hand beater for many years, so the wooden spoon and my right arm got a good workout.

On occasion I will try to  include a list of my meals and the recipes as they were written (I will provide them in typed form) and you may use all and any of them.

Back in the day, I worked full-time with 2 growing boys who used to go to before and after school care, so the meals had to be quick, filling and minimal  dishes to clean, (the boys didn’t like doing the dishes). We had a rule in our house that when either my husband or I cooked it was the boys job to clean the kitchen, and a few years down the track when they had to cook 1 meal a week (husbands in training) then we would clean the kitchen. I  would have loved to have the beast then, and truthfully, I might have used it more than I do now. I mainly use it to make fruit sorbet.

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3 thoughts on “Thermomix and Cooking

  1. Joan says:

    Hi I love the Thermy, I got it in 2014, I am 60 and use it everyday several times. My other saucepans hardly get used now. I just started trying the recipes in the book and now use my own. Love it! Worth every cent and im a gadget queen. Sold all my gadgets and now just use the Thermy!
    Joan from Adelaide SA


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