Would you wear Active wear (gym clothes) to the shops?

Would you wear your active wear (gym clothes) to the shops?

In the below article Michelle Bridges encourages people to wear their active wear  out  just in case they are going to train.


My friends and I were discussing this very subject on the weekend and all of us agreed that gym wear, and let’s face it, that’s’ what it is, was designed to wear to the gym, admittedly, we are all over 50, but some of my friends certainly have the figure to look great in anything, we all agreed that wearing active wear is the same as wearing leggings.

I absolutely abhor leggings worn as pants with nothing to cover the front and back bottoms no matter the age and size of the person.

I wear longer leggings most days, but they are worn as bottoms that warm my legs under tunics and longer tops in winter, and shorter ones in the warmer months more for discretion, exactly what they were designed for, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leggings, and I find that active wear falls into the same category, underneath wear.

I don’t wear activewear myself, but it looks as though it would be like putting on hold me in underwear, tight and an effort to put on, I prefer to wear something that is easy to put on and take off and more importantly, something that I look good in and is appropriate for the outing I have planned.

I decided to do a little research after reading your post and went looking for some articles on this subject this morning and found an article by the Daily telegraph Active Wear: – Is gym wear suitable for streetwear, and found it very interesting reading.

The author decides to put wearing active wear out and about to the test, albeit a little long, the result of experiment is very interesting indeed.

My friend Robyn from Paterson Personal Styling, http://www.patersonpersonalstyling.com.au made the following comment:-

Sorry, Michelle, but I don’t endorse it. It’s lazy dressing. Why not wear your pyjamas all day just in case you feel like a nap?

That said, I agree with Robyn’s comments  wholeheartedly, maybe someone might start a trend of wearing pyjamas out and about, a trend that I won’t be following.


What are your thoughts