Pack Enough Supplies in a Suitcase To Travel For A Year

Expert Packer Manages To Stuff Enough Supplies in A Suitcase To Travel For A Year


I‘ve been flying on airplanes for nearly two decades, but only last year did I stop checking a bag and started exclusively using carry-on luggage.

Checked bags cost a fortune! Airlines act like they are giving you a deal if they say that the first checked bag is only $25. Remember when it was free and they gave you food for free, too?

If you’re like me and have vowed to never check a bag again, then you need to watch Rachel Grant’s packing video. She manages to squeeze 100 items into a tiny carry-on bag!

These items aren’t just small travel products, either. She transfers an entire rolling rack of clothing into her carry-on luggage. She is my hero!

This level of expertise doesn’t come easy. It takes a bit of practice and skill, but using her tips, anyone can do this. Maybe not 100 items, but try for at least 75!

Her biggest help in packing like this is using rubber bands to compress things like shoes, Ziploc bags to suck out any extra air, and packing cubes to keep things as organised as possible.

Now, don’t think you could pack 100 sweatshirts in your bag. Rachel suggests using lightweight fabrics so this hack is perfect to use if you’re going on vacation to the beach. You don’t need much else besides your bathing suit anyhow!

If you need to use multiple suitcases, then you can also use these expert packing hacks to maximise every ounce of space you have in your suitcase!

How many items can you pack in a carry on bag?

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Shopping my wardrobe and using my Intimo half slip

I was taking some photos today ready for my blog post, Shopping my wardrobe, and I thought I would post the photos on my friends Facebook page as well as they are all incorporating the Intimo black half slip that she sells and some of the tops that I haven’t worn for a while as I have lost weight were using my Maggies magnets (available from Ruth, the Irish Bra Lady in Australia) to pull them in and create a nice fitted waistline.

I now have 3 black half slips and 1 honey one and I just absolutely love them.

I used to wear tunics to create a longer hem underneath my shorter tops, but they wrinkle when you wash them and the creases don’t drop out for several days if they drop out at all and quite often they loose their shape, and the Intimo  half slip just falls nicely every time.

I haven’t worn a lot of these tops for years as they are too short to wear over leggings without a tunic and I don’t particularly like them over trousers and I don’t wear skirts very often, so the mini slip has certainly added back a whole pile of outfits that I wouldn’t normally have worn.

I can’t believe how many more outfits I have created by shopping my wardrobe and adding my black half slip over leggings.


20160826_152855 20160826_152935 20160826_153021 20160826_153101 20160826_153227 20160826_153312 20160826_153422 20160826_153752 20160826_153920 20160826_154033



Origins of the term capsule wardrobe

Origins of the term capsule wardrobe

Capsule - Long weekend away 1

The term “Capsule Wardrobe” was created by Susie Faux, she was the owner of the West End boutique “Wardrobe” in the 1970s.

A capsule wardrobe refers to a collection of essential items of clothing that would not go out of fashion and could be worn for multiple seasons and can all be worn together by mixing and matching.

The aim was to update the collection with seasonal pieces, eg, jackets, scarves, etc in order to have something to wear for any occasion without buying many new items of clothing.

Susie suggested that a basic woman’s capsule wardrobe should contain at least “2 pairs of bottoms / trousers, a dress or skirt, a jacket, a coat, a knit (jumper or tunic top), two pairs of shoes and two bags”.

The concept of a capsule wardrobe was made popular by American designer Donna Karan in 1985, when she released her “7 Easy Pieces” collection.

Her aim was to fill what she referred to as “a void in the marketplace” for a stylish and practical wardrobe designed with working women in mind.

When the collection debuted, she showed eight models dressed only in bodysuits and black tights

The models then added items separates, (clothing such as wrap-skirts, trousers, and dresses) to demonstrate her interchangeable style of dressing.

As a term, “capsule wardrobe” is widely used in the fashion media.

The concept, capsule wardrobe, was made more popular by several television programmes, including Trinny and Susannah’s ‘What Not to Wear’, that showed on the BBC 2001–2007, and Gok’s Fashion Fix that showed on Channel Four from 2008 onward. Presenter and stylist Gok Wan emphasises that a capsule wardrobe is an especially vital tool in a recession because it helps people to look good on a small budget.

This is perhaps part of the reason that the idea has been sustained since its conception in the 1970’s.

General guidelines

Below are some general guidelines that are widely given for creating a capsule wardrobe.

  • Choose a colour scheme that suits both your lifestyle and your colouring.
  • Choose one or two base or neutral colours that can be comfortably worn with everything, such as black, white, cream, brown, grey, or navy, these are considered your core colours.
  • Items such as trousers, handbags or coats would be best in shades of these colours, so that they can be worn with everything else in the wardrobe.
  • After choosing your base colours, choose one or two accent colours, which are brighter than your base colours, and co-ordinate with each other.
  • These would typically be tops, dresses, or accessories.
  • Once a colour scheme is established, all the items in a wardrobe should be interchangeable, (able to be worn with each and every item) as the colour of the pieces will always complement each other.
  • Consider your body shape.
  • Some designs, colours and cuts of clothing are more flattering than others, as such, If the clothing is flattering in both style and colour, you are more likely to want to keep them in your wardrobe.
  • Choose classic shapes, patterns colours and fabrics, while some cuts, patterns colour and fabric of clothing go in and out of fashion, there are others that are considered ‘classic’ because they don’t date.
  • It is wise to choose classic pieces for a capsule wardrobe, as they are intended to be kept for a number of years.
  • Choose good quality fabric, as the idea of a capsule wardrobe is to own a few items of that can be worn in a number of different ways, individual pieces will get lots of wear, therefore, it is a good idea to choose well made clothing that will continue to look good despite the heavy and or constant wear.

Below are examples of a typical capsule wardrobe.

Sample women’s wardrobe Sample men’s wardrobe
A belted trench coat A suit
Bootleg jeans A pair of jeans
A white shirt A pea coat or pilot jacket
A black blazer or jacket T-shirts
An LBD (little black dress) Cotton shirts
A pair of tailored trousers A jacket or blazer
A pencil skirt A pair of slacks
T-shirts and camisole tops A pair of smart shoes
A jumper or sweater A pair of casual shoes
A sundress A pair of  joggers or boat shoes
A pair of flats or sandals A watch
A pair of long boots A jacket
A tote bag
A clutch bag
A silk scarf
A pair of high heels


Long weekend sample capsule wardrobe

Creating a Capsule Wardrobe that works for all areas of your life makes outfit creation a pleasure, whatever the occasion.

If you get an impromptu invitation for a long weekend away, you won’t have any last minute shopping dilemmas or what to wear problems, because you will already know what to wear and what to pack, because you have created a capsule wardrobe,

Of course there will be the odd occasion when you need to add something a little more specific but if the basics and the majority of your regular events are covered by your capsule wardrobe, you can pack for a long weekend away quickly and easily without any great thought.

I’ve created an example of a capsule wardrobe for a city long weekend break.

Here are the pieces to wear for work on Friday and to pack for your long weekend away

Capsule - Long weekend away

Friday at work is smart but not formal, and you leave straight from work with your bag packed

wear to work long weekend

On arrival at the hotel swap your trousers for your jeans, give your feet a rest from heels and pop on your black flats, ready to go to a casual dinner on Friday evening.

wear long weekend 9

Saturday, you have plans for pottering around the city and a little site seeing, it’s still a little cool, so add a light jumper with your vest and add some animal print flats and an animal print bag, and you have completely changed your look, if you’re still a little cool, add a scarf.

wear long weekend 17

before heading out to a more formal evening dinner, add a sleeveless top with a choker, a skirt and heels that you wore to work and you could go anywhere.wear long weekend 20

Sunday – spend a relaxing day, breakfast with friends and a pub for a counter meal, put a light weight black jumper with scarf and add your animal print shoes and bag.wear long weekend 1

Meet up with friends for drinks before dinner, swap your jeans for your black work trousers, change your shoes and bag, add a long statement necklace, and again a completely different outfit.wear long weekend 11

Breakfast with friends before a walk around the city and lunch in town before heading home, you will need comfortable clothing and shoes

wear long weekend 2

And if you stay longer you could put the following outfits together to create an ever larger capsule wardrobe.

Capsule - Long weekend away 1







I am sick of winter already – Electric hot water bottles and scarves to keep warm

I’m sick of the cold weather all ready, we are only in the first week of July and already I’m sick of it, it has been cold and miserable and I’m finding it hard to get warm

My saving grace, if you will, my favourite possession this winter is my electric hot water bottle.

I did a little research before posting and some electric hot water bottles have been recalled, but not mine, and not in WA.

skyla hot water bottle

I follow the instructions and I absolutely love it, I am not a big fan of air conditioning and having the heat on my face, so the hot water bottle sitting in my lap when I’m cold helps warm me up.

I heat it up before bed and it keeps me warm all night, we don’t have electric blankets or fleecy sheets, I heat it up before we get in the car so that I am kept warm on our hour drive into the office, and plug it back in again when I get there and it keeps me warm all day.

I also have one on the boat, because they stay warm for hours, I don’t need to use electricity to heat it up often and only when we turn the generator on do I plug it in again and warm it up.

I am a big lover of scarves, and have lots of them, however, I don’t like the big bulky ones around my neck, I find that they give me a neck ache, so I have made my own this winter.

I needed a white embellishment of some sort to put on my black scarf, and found a lovely flower scarf clip in Spotlight, but it was $7.50, and after looking at it, I thought to myself, I can do this, so I set to googling on YouTube for making fabric flowers.  Well I found the best video showing a no sew technique for making flowers, so I used the technique to not only make flowers as scarf clips, but scarves as well.  After creating the first couple I got so excited that I now have at least 1 flower and 1 scarf in each colour fabric that I had.



Organising your wardrobe and avoid dressing indecision with the following tips.

Organising your wardrobe and avoid dressing indecision with the following tips.


I read an article today that said that a recent study found that women spend 17 minutes out of 24 hours deciding on what to wear and getting dressed each day.

If you are pressed for time, 17 minutes can be a long time, I get dressed in a few minutes and am happy with my outfit for the day.

I don’t have issues with my outfit not suiting my day, the clothes not fitting well or them being creased and not able to wear them.

The keywords are preparation and organisation.

I admit I am not the neatest person, my husband would say that is an understatement, but when it comes to my clothing, accessories, shoes and a completed outfit for any day, I am super organised.

I sort my clothing into type and then colour, for example, I have all of my long trousers, jeans and evening pants hanging together, my dresses and longer tops together, long and ¾ sleeve tops and then my short sleeve tops and jackets hanging in separate sections, then each section is colour sorted.

Having my clothing sorted this way makes it so much easier to find something when I am looking for it.

I hang all my scarves on coat hangers and then on an over the door hanger so that I can just flip through to find the right colour, my costume jewellery (necklaces and bangles) are stored in mesh bags, depending on the size of the item and then my earrings are kept in a sewing storage box in different colours, so that when I find the necklace I am going to wear, I can quickly and easily find the earrings to go with the scarf or necklace and bangle.

I don’t buy any clothes that need ironing, personally, I find myself time poor (I only want to do things that I want to do now, and unfortunately ironing is not one of them) and I’m too lazy to do ironing after many years of spending my weekends ironing school uniforms, business shirts and trousers and my work outfits, I decided that I have more important things to do and with all of the fabrics that clothing is made out of nowadays, there is no need to buy clothing that needs ironing.

I also don’t buy anything that must be dry cleaned, if it can’t go in my front loader washing machine, I don’t buy it. I however do gentle washes in lingerie bags for some special items.

I get up at 4am to go to work, so I need to be organised when I get up, so before I go to bed each night, I decide on what I am going to wear the next day, in fact I even sort out my outfit for weekends.

Firstly, I check my diary to see what is organised for the day and evening then I decide what to wear, if I am going to work and then out for dinner, I will need something that is going to wear well for the day so that I can dress it up for evening and not have to get changed, alternatively, if I need a more formal outfit in the evening, I then decide on 2 separate outfits saving me time, and before I make my decision on what I am going to wear tomorrow, I also check the weather, if it’s going to rain and be windy and cold, I’m not going to wear a short sleeve dress or top and shorts.

I never try on several outfits in a mad panic before I have to leave the house because I know my outfits WILL fit and wear well, if I am not sure of the fit, I will try it on the evening before, as I said before, I am up early, I don’t have time to mess around.

I sort my top or dress first, then leggings, or trousers and shoes then my accessories last of all.

When I am feeling super organised on a Sunday afternoon, I sometimes sort my outfits for the week with a few spare in case I change my mind, the weather is not what I was expecting or something comes up and I need to have a couple of changes for the day.

When I have sorted my outfits, I put them together as an outfit, I hang the top or dress, put the pants or trousers on a hanger next to the top or dress, if I am going to wear leggings, I put them on the same hanger as the top, I put the shoes next to my bed, and the accessories, be it necklace, scarf, bangle or earrings in a mesh bag and hang it on the coat hanger with the dress or top, undies, bra and stockings (if winter, I wear stocking socks as my feet get cold) are all put on the shelf in our robe ready for the next morning.

By doing this I certainly spend considerably less than 17 minutes each day sorting my outfit for the day.

Ageing can be Graceful – here are some of my tips

 Mature Age Dressing

A gracefully ageing woman is incredibly beautiful and the experience she has, makes her beauty shine.

As we grow older we are still beautiful, it’s just a different beauty than when we are in our twenties and thirties.

We understand that beauty in a child is different than a teenager, however once we reach our twenties, thirties and beyond, we don’t realise that we have a different beauty, when we learn to accept the changes in our appearance through ageing, we can start to be happy with ourselves when we look in the mirror.

A gracefully ageing woman can be beautiful, and her experiences in life will make her beauty shine, however, she needs to be re- educated on what is complementary to her new beauty.

We don’t want to look like grannies nor mutton dressed as lamb.

The same principles that we had as younger women, using colours, body proportion, camouflaging or illusion dressing and dressing to suit your personality and lifestyle need to be addressed.

There are other things that we need to be aware as we age, and at ReDress Your Life we show you how do dress , wear your hair and apply make-up, in the most flattering way, that  you will love and feel confident in.

I would love to share with some of my top points of what NOT to do to age gracefully

  • Have a glasses chain attached to your glasses or granny half glasses. (An exception, of course if you are on a boat and are likely to lose your glasses or sunnies over the side, having a chain is a darn sight cheaper than replacing your glasses) 

glasses on a chain

  • Long straight hair parted down the middle, with a fringe and roots needing a long overdue touch up

grey roots 1

  • Boobs hanging too low, and not wearing a properly fitted supportive bra, did you know that wearing a properly fitted bra can drop you a full dress size?

sagging breast 1

  • Grey hair showing through your eyebrows or not shaping them,

mature eyebrows

  • Wearing your foundation either too thick, the wrong colour or foundation lines half way down your neck

bad foundation line

  • Wearing pants that are wider at the top of the leg than at the ankle.

pants wider at the top than the bottom

  • Not looking after your hands and nails

unpainted nails

  • Wearing comfortable shoes that are without style, nanna shoes. (you can have comfort and style)

nanna shoes

  • If your lips are narrow, wearing dark lipstick that bleeds everywhere, try some LipSense by SeneGence lipstick that stays on without bleeding for 4 – 18 hours (PS! Yes I sell this product, and I love it, not to be a sales pitch, but if you want to try it, send me a message and I will get in touch to see if I can help you with this, once you try it, you will want to buy it,)
  • bleeding lips  feathered - bleeding lips 1-Optimizedfeathered - bleeding lips

Bra-blems (Problems with bras) Part 2 – Uneven Breasts


Several years ago, one of my friends went through a double mastectomy and a full breast reconstruction and I remember the trouble she had with self confidence, bras, and clothing, and last week another of my friends has undergone a double mastectomy so I thought I would do some research to assist with her and other ladies about bras after surgery and hope that all ladies that go through this horrible life changing time can gain some info and support from my articles.

This one is for you Judie

Mastectomy bra Mastectomy bra 7 Mastectomy bra 6 Mastectomy bra 3


Don’t be embarrassed if you don’t have perfectly even boobs.

Unbelievably, most women have one boob that is smaller than the other.

Some women have an obvious difference from one boob to another up to a full cup size or even more of a difference.

There are lots of different ways to have a bra fit comfortably on both sides of your bust or to disguise the difference in size.

One of the most convenient solutions for women whose boobs are less than one cup size different on each side, is to use the shoulder straps to adjust the fit on each side.

Try a Little Illusion dressing

If you want to make your bust look a little more even, don’t try to squeeze the larger boob into a bra cup that is too small.

There are lots of ways to fill the smaller cup to create a more symmetrical silhouette. The easiest solution is to wear a moulded cup bra that is fitted to the larger size breast, because this type of bra keeps its shape, and will hide a small difference in cup size.

If your cup size difference is more noticeable, you can use a single breast enhancer in the cup to lift the smaller breast.
A great all-in-one solution for women with a smaller cup size is to buy a padded bra with removable cookies, push-up pads, sometimes called chicken fillets. Simply remove the padding from the larger side. Many modern padded bras come with this option.

Post-Surgical Solutions

Many women have uneven boobs after breast surgery.

For women who have had lumpectomies, mastectomies, or simply have a very large difference between their cup size, it is recommended specialty breast forms.

Mastectomy have other advantages for post-surgical women, including fabric designed to be comfortable against sensitive skin and full-coverage styles that support without binding.

Need a Personal Solution?

Every woman’s body is different, so sometimes you just need a little personal help to find the perfect bra or advice based on your size and shape.

ReDress Your life, is a sustainable fashion house

ReDress Your life, specialises in recycled, upcycled and preloved women’s clothing, shoes, and accessories that we sell, consign and trade.
We offer women, who have lost weight style and image solutions going forward towards their goal weight by ReDressing their wardrobe and their lives at an affordable price.

Why look OK when you can look gorgeous in a ReDress Your Life outfit.

We, are no longer young, we are mature, graceful, beautiful women, we love fashion and style just as much, if not more than tall skinny younger women, and we should accept all of our flaws and embrace our bodies as they are, and accept that perfect is not a reality.

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Mutton dressed up as lamb

Mutton dressesd up as lamb

A very common problem many women face when they get older is the concern about dressing inappropriately for their age – or, “mutton dressed up as lamb”.

Many women end up looking frumpy and 10 to 20 years older because they dress too old for their age and lifestyle just so they don’t appear to dress too young, what they don’t realise is that it ages them even more.

Some hints to help with avoiding looking like mutton dressed up as lamb are:

  • Avoid showing too much skin
  • Avoid too much cleavage, unless of course you have a wrinkle free décolletage and a properly fitted bra
  • Also, make sure your hem is not way past the bottom of your knees as this can appear frumpy, unless you have very long legs, and will look best worn with heels.
  • If you prefer to wear flats, make sure your hem is no longer than the bottom of your knees, as this can also appear frumpy.
  • Always choose fits that flatter your body type.
  • Avoid choosing outfits that are too tight or too loose.
  • Large, over sized clothing does not bring out the beauty in a woman.
  • An overly tight-fitting garment certainly does not give anyone the elegant look.
  • If you are the kind who simply loves to wear attractive kinds of women’s clothing then you can go in for a long, fitting skirt with a side slit, worn best with a heel.