3 boats rafted up in the Estuary

It was going to be a fantastic afternoon 34° and little wind, so we decided to raft up in the Estuary out the front of the war memorial with 2 other couples on their boats,

We had 3 boats rafted up in the Estuary, we dropped our pick (anchor) and our friends with their 37 Riviera pulled up alongside, we tied up and sat and had lunch and watched the idiots go by.

It seems that when the nice weather starts all the idiots get out on the water, we were very clearly anchored 2 rather large boats tied up together, you can’t miss us and we were getting all of the pontoon boats and tinnies coming so close we could have touched them.

The problem caused when boats go flying past us at speed is wash, and when there is wash our boats crash into one another. We set our fenders and all was fine until the twats started speeding by, we had to move our fenders a few times and then we gave up and just added more.

We used all of 3.5 ltrs of fuel going from home, to the Estuary and home again.

We had a couple of pods of dolphins following us in the Estuary and of course Braandi went nuts. We have never been out on the water

A pontoon boat approaches on Lake Gaston, VA-N...

A pontoon boat approaches on Lake Gaston, VA-NC with choir and friends from Genesis UMC of Cary, North Carolina. Two rafts sit on the back of the boat above the engine. Photo by James E. Scarborough July 10, 2004. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

and not seen either dolphins, whales, seals, sting rays or penguins.

Sue and Grumpy go quite sick with hay fever early afternoon which put a dampener on things because they had trouble with itchy eyes and runny noses.

I think the scotch helped them somewhat though.

About 5pm our other friends turned up and rafted up on our other side, and by then the tossers had gone home so it was quite calm.

Sharon cooked up some sausages and bread rolls for nibbles along with some peri peri chicken.

Paul cooked curry for tea, and as I don’t eat curry, I bought a spaghetti bog in Woollies before we went.

Sue and Pauls, daughter and her finance came early evening to have tea with us all and it was nice and calm with the blue lights on the boats it was just fantastic.


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