My Crafting Room

I have been an avid crafter for ever.

As a child I loved to create, paint, sew, cook and anything crafty.

For many years I made cards for every occasion to give to people, and unfortunately, a couple of years ago, I stopped making them, and put all my crafting things away.

This year has been a hard year emotionally for me, so I turned back to my crafting and I am loving every minute of it.

I go through stages of what I want to create, I have tried

mixed media





My latest project is a flip folder of 8 x 8 Julie Nutting doll stamps layouts. My intention is to create 1 for each day of the working week, and 1 for each weekend day. I want to have different layout pages to look at each day and the working week layouts I will put on my desk at work, and the weekend ones, on my bench at home.




This was my first attempt at mixed media, using up all my junk, I just loved it.