Our Survey arrived today

Our Survey arrived today so we can now submit our design to planning.

The regulations for a planning and now the new regulations for a building license application is that the Owner MUST sign each application. This can be a real pain in the butt.

Before 1st April 2012, when the new pathetic supposed time saving regulations came into play, the Builder (or an officer on behalf of the Builder) could sign the building application prior to submitting it.

As the lot is a small lot, we have to have a least 1 parapet wall (online boundary wall) this means that the wall takes the place of the fence if there is one as it is on the boundary. With the new pathetic and problematic regulations we now have to obtain the neighbour permission to build on the boundary as it may affect the neighbouring land.

At this stage it is probably unlikely that we will be able to have a slab down before the industry Christmas close down.

The reason for the end of year close down, is staff need to have annual leave and some contractors need to carry out maintenance on their machinery and this is the best time to carry out this work.

Solar Passive designed homes – from http://www.yourhome.gov.au/technical

 4.8 insulation installation

This fact sheet explains where and how to install insulation, providing detailed examples of a range of insulation solutions for various construction types.

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Apparently I have a disease – It’s called shopping

Quor RED tunic


Apparently I have a disease – It’s called shopping.

Clothing is a shit load cheaper than boating let me tell you.

It is a little hard to tell but this dress is fire engine red, the brand is Quor.

I wore it today while staying at home and doing a bit of cleaning a little cooking and lots of stuff on the computer.

I bought it when we went to Sydney last year to go to the boat show.

The Sydney boat show is held at Darling Harbour and I love going there as the show and the Harbourside  shops are only a short walk from the Hotel.

There are 2 little boutiques, I can’t remember their names, but they are owned by 2 older ladies who are sisters, they have an accent but I am terrible with them so not sure what country they come from but they are a delightful pair.

They actually own both shops in Harbourside one upstairs and one downstairs. The shop downstairs sells clothing but the shop upstairs sells both clothing and lingerie, they specialise is bras and underpants (designer) for the bigger bust. Their pricing is very affordable especially compared to prices in Western Australia.

They carry a lot of the brands of clothing that I like and at better prices than over here, which is very interesting given that their stores are in a very expensive area of Sydney and they have been there for over 14 years.

Darling Harbour

Darling Harbour (Photo credit: Christopher Chan)




Another Boo Radley dress for work

Boo Radley tunic with belt buckles

Another Boo Radleyhttp://www.booradley.com.au/ dress for work

Boo Radley make beautiful clothing, but their sizing is all over the place. This dress is a LARGE  and is quite fitted.

I have had this dress for a few years now and the first year I was able to fit into it and last year I was not able to wear it comfortably as my pot belly showed .

I get really annoyed when I have to buy larger sizes than 12 -14 because there should be a standard sizing regulation so that people do not get complexes about their weight.


Another Threadz dress for work Monday

Threadz dress with zips and red shoes

Threadz dress with zips and red shoes

Another Threadz http://www.threadz.com.au/dress again today.

I always lay my wardrobe for the week out on Sunday, but this week I ran out of time, when we got home from our boat trip to Mindarie, it was early afternoon.

I had to bath the little girl while Grumpy washed down the boat, yes I have bathed her more than once, I have done it 4 times, Grumpy is very quick to tell everyone that he is always the one to bath her and she is MY dog. Just another thing for him to whinge about.

I was also fiddling wi


Grumpy (Photo credit: Tony in WA)

th this blog as it was playing silly buggers and some components were not working so I went to bed without doing the weeks outfit, I just chose a dress for the next day.

It is a bit hard to see but the colour on the shoulder and on the hip and stitching on the hem and other stitching is red.

The shoes I wore are a pair I bought in Sanctuary Cove in Queensland when we went to a boat show a few years ago.

They are just beautiful and were not overly expensive.

The red is suede and the black is of all things neoprene, so they just slip on very easily.

Another Gabriella Fratini for the boat

Gabriella Fratini large floral tunic




I love this Gabriella Fratini tunic http://www.gabriellafrattini.com.au/, it has beautiful colours and is so light weight and best of all DOES NOT NEED IRONING.


I won’t buy anything that needs ironing LIFE IS TOO SHORT TO WASTE IT ON THINGS THAT I DON’T NEED TO DO.


Another thing I like about this dress, is when it was manufactured it had folds in it and if you look carefully in the L/H sleeve that is facing, is a crease where the fabric is white. This anomoly is also on the other sleeve, on the side and on the back. It gives the dress character.


It is longer in the back than the front and this is great for when I am on the boat as I do a lot of bending over tying ropes and getting fenders out of lockers.


English: Manufacture of self-sealing gas tanks...

English: Manufacture of self-sealing gas tanks, , . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




Looks disgusting tastes great

I will remember to Grease the pots next time

I forgot to grease the pans.

I was going to use the silicone cups, but they are not very large and the pudding recipe makes 4 ????


I get so pissed off with recipes that don’t give instructions to the person making the recipe who has NEVER made it before. I think the people writing the recipe think that anyone using their recipe are mind readers.

I made some cinnamon scrolls today and followed the instruction to a T. The T however was not very good, it didn’t explain the steps properly and I was getting angry as what I was doing was nothing like the instructions said.


We ate the puddings above with a bought custard because Grumpy does not like the custard our of the Thermomix book.

The question asked “What makes you think you can make custard or ice cream better than the bought stuff.”
One day I do believe we are going to have a grump free, no raised voices day, I live in hope, and love him dearly. Grumpy

Another note to self DUH!!!

English: A brownish ramekin, with a plain exte...

English: A brownish ramekin, with a plain exterior. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Remember to grease the ramekins before putting the pudding mix in.


I was making Golden syrup steamed puddings in the Varoma for Thermomix and one of the steps said pour the jam or golden syrup into the bottom of the pot NO MENTION OF GREASE THE PAN.


I should know by now that everything sticks in those ramekin dishes SO GREASE THE BLOODY THINGS.


I will remember to Grease the pots next time



Vivid top for dinner out at Indian restaurant in Mindarie

Philosophy outfit for dinner

The group of boaties that we met up with at Mindarie decided to go to the Indian restaurant for tea on Saturday night, unfortunately for me as I don’t like curries and most Indian food.

After going to the restaurant, the next morning we decided that if we were to do the trip again we would have BBQ on the back of the boats as it would be much more social.

There were 20 people in our booking and the restaurant gave us 2 tables back to back and in a group that is not very social.

I don’t like Indian food at all, and I found if very difficult to find something on the menu, as they were doing a fixed menu for the rest of the group I had to order something for myself. I found lamb chops on the menu, I thought you can’t stuff up lamb chops. WELL I WAS WRONG. They were awful, dry and very over cooked.

I did enjoy the drink however, Kahlua and milk

It’s a bit hard to see, but my dress is BRIGHT orange and so are the shoes, they have lots of sparkly diamantes.

I LOVE sparkly things. They are very comfortable

The top is Vivid http://www.vividinternational.com.au/ I LOVE this range of clothing as it is inexpensive and available at a couple of shops in Mandurah, Kings Park Fashion on Pinjarra Road and La Dee Da in the Smart Street Mall (La Dee Da) is my favourite store for this brand, and they carry a great range of ladies clothing at affordable prices. Which means I can buy so much more!!!!!


Dirt magnet Gabriella Fratini outfit for the boat

Gabriella Fratini outfit for the boat

Gabriella Fratini outfit for the boat,  I wore this on Saturday for our trip to Mindarie.

I love white clothes, but white clothes don’t like me.

I am a dirt magnet, whenever I wear white whether skirt, trouser, top or dress by the end of the day it will have a least 1 mark on it.

I like to wear white trousers on the boat so that the salt is less obvious.

When I wear black leggings or pants, the salt from the rails or anywhere that I touch get salty and then I have white patches all over me.

This outfit is a layered outfit (Grumpy HATES layering) apparently it creates more washing.

The kids were married twice in a week

The marriagecertificate

The kids were married twice in a week

They decided to get married in Bali, not our choice of destinations, but it was their decision.

Tash organised EVERYTHING and she did very well as she always does.

Marriage in Bali is a religious ceremony, and as the kids are not church going people and Kyel has not been christened, it was going to be complicated and time consuming to deal with the paperwork and consulate issues they decided to have the ceremony of marriage performed in Perth before they flew to Bali.

It was a lovely moving ceremony and the Marriage Celebrant was wonderful.

The 2 LITTLE boys on the left are my little boys all grown up and the girl in the black and cream dress is our new lovely daughter.

Kyel mad his own wedding ring out of a stainless steel bolt the night before they left for Bali.