Difficult times

20161116_145636I would like to preface this post by apologising for the length of it.

After an extremely difficult year, and an even more traumatic fortnight, we are now able to get back to some normality in our lives.

With the death of Greg’s brother Stephen (RIP) earlier this year and 5 friends inside 9 weeks we, have come to realise even more so than before, that life is precious and can change in the blink of an eye, so we must do what we can, when we can and enjoy the time we have with friends and family while you are able.

For those who don’t know, Greg and I were to be on a cruise to the south pacific 2 weeks ago with 40 of our friends to celebrate a 60’th birthday, unfortunately, due to my honesty in ticking a box to say I had been unwell in the previous 2 days, (I now know that if I had my time again, I would probably tick the other box), that I was denied boarding the ship.

Well, first there was extreme anger, and then disappointment and then the extreme anger returned with the way we were treated by the ground staff of the cruise line, we arranged to fly home the next day, and to his credit, Greg found some humour in the extremely upsetting situation, joked that we have now done a mystery flight to Sydney as we had no idea we would be back home so soon.

The day after we arrived home, Greg went to visit Mum Grainger in the nursing home only to be told that she had been taken to Peel hospital.

He went to visit and she had been moved onto a ward from ED, the next day he visited her early in the morning with Bryce for an hour or so, we were going to go again after lunch as we had a few things to do, however no sooner had Greg arrived home, he received a call advising him that Mum Grainger had been taken back to ED, and that’s where the stresses of the next week began.

Unfortunately, a couple of days later Mum Grainger passed away peacefully at St John of God.

It’s times like this when you appreciate the friends and family who surround you.

No funeral is fun, and to make the service a little easier to bare, as we wanted to celebrate her life and not mourn her death, we asked that people wear colour the service, and as her favourite colour was green, a few of us chose to wear that colour in her honour.

We, as the family were asked to be at the funeral home at least ½ an hour before the service so that we could greet the attendants, and to my absolute delight (yes I did burst into tears) my good friend Linda, in a green blouse no less, was seated on the lounge in the waiting area.

Then to my further delight as we were greeting old friends from our early days and friends of Mum Grainger, so many of our new good friends were there in that room with us to share our sorrow and shower us with their love and support.

Please know that Greg Grainger and I would like to thank each and every one of you for joining us on this very sad occasion.

We would also like to thank everyone who has sent their love and wishes, please know that we treasure your friendship and support.