Featured product – Shoes – Diana Ferrari, Corelli & Betts

Betts - Black booties with buckles Betts - black lace up booties Black Correlli flats Black courts with ankle strap Corelli black, white & red heeled courts Correlli Red flats

Featured product

This week’s feature products are shoes, we have Corelli, Diana Ferrari, Betts.

Some are sandals, ankle boots, knee high boots, courts, flats, all are size 8 and all of the shoes shown are new and have not been worn.

Personally, I have found my favourite shoes are Diana Ferrari, as you can buy them, wear them and not get any blisters or sore feet, they are so flexible and wearable.

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Bat wings

Bat wings

The Problem

Flabby skin on the underside of the upper arms.

The Solution

Covering up sleeveless tops by wearing longer sleeves underneath is an effective fix, Shrugs, boleros are also terrific.


Sleeveless styles and cap sleeves Some think that cap sleeves provide some coverage, but hey actually make the upper arms look bigger.

The fix

Sleeve shapewear, provides arm coverage, Kathy Najimy invented Ch’Arms to wear under sleeveless pieces because she had upper arm concerns.

There is also a few new product on the market now, called nude sleeves . www.nudesleeve.com.au,

this looks like it might just be the best thing for mature ladies who have bat wing concerns, which I certainly do.

Bat wings - Flabby armsCh'Arms


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We had a busy day yesterday

We had a very busy day yesterday, with 4 ladies dropping in lots of goodies.

Very excited, we are now starting to build up quite a good inventory for when we open Saturday 19th September

A very nice tan ladies suite by Basque.
A lovely black halter neck dress by CKM
Black & lime green open long line vest by Adam Jacobs, this could be worn with the Cotton Village top shown in the photo
Lime green top by Cotton Village, (we already had a lovely pair of flats and matching bag in the lime green)
A black & orange tunic by Thompson
A black & tan tunic by Philosophy
A tan & black long sleeve dress by Deion
A black, brown and white Toynhee & Ellis tunic
A black & brown long sleeve winter dress by Thompson
A black & orange and animal print 3/4 sleeve dress
A black & grey tunic by Thompson that I put a Mrs G modesty top over
Shoes are all new
Corelli, Diana Ferrari, Via Nova, Lilas, Airflex, Nine West
Jeans, True Religion, Habitual, 1921, Arizona Jean Co
A whole pile of bags that are all new
lots of black Guess bags of all sizes
Cream and tan Guess bag
A Grey Guess bag
A red Corelli bag
And 2 black & cream Colette bags

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Muffin top

muffin top

Muffin Top


Excess tummy, hip, and back chub that hangs over the top of a waistband that’s far too tight (sometimes called. love handles, spare tire).
The Solution
High-waist shapewear or full brief underwear ensures a smooth line under clothes

For extra smoothness, pull shapewear all the way up to your bra: Higher-waist pants and skirts in suck-it-in fabrics like Ponte are also great.
Low-rise jeans, cropped tops, any waistband that squishes you and creates lumps and bumps..

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Armpit fat


Armpit fat

The Problem

Excess flesh in the underarm area that is often made to look worse by strapless dresses and tank tops (sometimes called. pit chub, side boobs)


The bulge is a symptom of a bra that doesn’t fit well, some women need to go down at least one band size and up one cup size.

Bras with side slimmers can also help, try sweetheart necklines and tank tops with thick straps.


Strapless dresses that cut straight across the chest, tube tops and tank tops that are too tight.


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Turkey Neck

Turkey neck

Turkey Neck

Loose, wrinkly skin in the neck and chin area (a.k.a. the gobbler, the wattle).

Wear V-neck and scoop neck tops, button-down shirts with the collar worn high like Candice Bergen, and scarves in soft colours all help create a Fashion optical illusion or camouflage the turkey neck by drawing attention down and away from the neck.
Turtlenecks and mock necks—can exacerbate the problem—as well as chokers and dark colours near the face.

A quick fix, for colder weather wear a scarf, in warmer weather, you could wear a lightweight summer scarf.

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Using fashion optical illusion (camouflage) to hide your flaws – Part 2

The basis of effective fashion optical illusion or camouflage is understanding the effects of body Fashion optical illusion or camouflage means understanding the eye of the observer.

The basis of Fashion optical illusion or camouflage is simple.

Just as there’s a focal point in every good photo or painting, there should be a point of emphasis on your body.
Your focal point should be inherent in the structure of what you wear.

We all have qualities we like and features we dislike. To benefit from the effect of Fashion optical illusion or camouflage, conformity of its rules must be observed.

Fashion optical illusion or camouflage is the one most important effect that our clothing permits, because it is the easiest way to minimize our body faults and flaws and highlight our positive features.

You just need to know and accept its limitations so it does not become a cover-up for other more positive parts of your body.

These techniques may sound like a lot to remember, but it won’t be hard if you work on just one new idea a day. Start with the body part that you dislike the most and give it the most attention to detail, eg hide your troublesome tummy.

Add a new item to your outfit every day and in no time, you’ll have mastered all the Fashion optical illusion or camouflage ideas that you need for your body flaws.

What’s the best way to hide a tummy bulge

One word: shapewear.

The secret to wearing shapewear, however, for comfort is, buy 1 size larger than you normally wear.

Shapewear smooths and reshapes, but also helps you stand taller.

Shapewear also makes you more conscious of your posture.

Invest in a high – waisted shaping bike short, it will help with the stomach, hips, and thighs.

It’s also important, also not to buy clothes that are too fitted in that area:

Go up a size, then have them tailored so they fit you perfectly.

What should you wear on top of your slimming underwear (pull me in pants, or shapewear?)

Empire waist and A line dresses are flattering because they drape over your tummy and hide the bulges, you can over also put a wider belt 5 – 10cm over your tummy, especially in a darker colour.

Skinny belts are not suitable.

Shapewear and A line dress