Hide tummy bulge – belly fat – Light as a feather

Light as a feather

Hide tummy bulge – belly fat – Light as a feather

It’s wise to have an easy to wear figure flattering dress in our cupboard to wear to work, out to dinner, shopping or just about anywhere.
This empire dress with a faux wrap is perfect for hiding that troublesome tummy and can be worn in winter with leggings and boots or spring with sandals or flats.
The knot waist will help hid a troublesome tummy

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Mutton dressed up as lamb

Mutton dressesd up as lamb

A very common problem many women face when they get older is the concern about dressing inappropriately for their age – or, “mutton dressed up as lamb”.

Many women end up looking frumpy and 10 to 20 years older because they dress too old for their age and lifestyle just so they don’t appear to dress too young, what they don’t realise is that it ages them even more.

Some hints to help with avoiding looking like mutton dressed up as lamb are:

  • Avoid showing too much skin
  • Avoid too much cleavage, unless of course you have a wrinkle free décolletage and a properly fitted bra
  • Also, make sure your hem is not way past the bottom of your knees as this can appear frumpy, unless you have very long legs, and will look best worn with heels.
  • If you prefer to wear flats, make sure your hem is no longer than the bottom of your knees, as this can also appear frumpy.
  • Always choose fits that flatter your body type.
  • Avoid choosing outfits that are too tight or too loose.
  • Large, over sized clothing does not bring out the beauty in a woman.
  • An overly tight-fitting garment certainly does not give anyone the elegant look.
  • If you are the kind who simply loves to wear attractive kinds of women’s clothing then you can go in for a long, fitting skirt with a side slit, worn best with a heel.

Ageing can be Graceful

Paula - Instantly Ageless - before and after Paula - before and after

Mature Age Dressing

A gracefully aging woman is incredibly beautiful and the experience she has, makes her beauty shine.

As we grow older we are still beautiful, it’s just a different beauty when we are in our twenties and thirties.

We understand that beauty in a child is different  than a teenager, however once age into our twenties and thirties, we don’t realise that we now have a different beauty.

When we learn to accept the changes in our appearance through ageing, we can start to be happy with ourselves when we look in the mirror.

A gracefully aging woman can be beautiful, and her experiences in life will make her beauty shine, however, she needs to be re-educated on what is complementary to her new beauty.

We don’t want to look like grannies nor mutton dressed as lamb.

The same principles that we had as younger women, using colours, body proportion, camouflaging or illusion dressing and dressing to suit your personality and lifestyle need to be addressed.

There are other things that we need to be aware as we age, and at ReDress Your Life we show you how do dress , wear your hair and apply make-up, in the most flattering way, that  you will love and feel confident in.

I would love to share with some of my top points of what NOT to do to age gracefully

  • Have a glasses chain attached to your glasses or granny half glasses. (An exception, of course if you are on a boat and are likely to lose your glasses or sunnies over the side, having a chain is a darn sight cheaper than replacing your glasses)
  • Long straight hair parted down the middle, with roots needing a long overdue touch up
  • Boobs hanging too low, and not wearing a proper fitted supportive bra, did you know that wearing a properly fitted bra can drop you a full dress size?
  • Grey hair show through your eyebrows or not shaping them,
  • Wearing your foundation either too thick or the wrong colour or foundation lines half way down your neck
  • If your lips are narrow, wearing dark lipstick that bleeds everywhere, try some LipSense by SeneGence, lipstick that stays on without bleeding for 4 – 18 hours (PS! Yes I sell this product, and I love it, not to be a sales pitch, but if you want to try it, once you try, you will want to buy, send me a message and I will get in touch to see if I can help you with this)
  • Wearing pants that are wider at the top of the leg than at the ankle.
  • Not looking after your hands and nails (Yes, I sell Jamberry nail wraps, lacquer and gel polish)
  • Wearing comfortable shoes that are without style, nanna shoes.( you can have comfort and style)

Hide tummy bulge – belly fat – Red Hot

Hide tummy bulge – belly fat - Red Hot

Hide tummy bulge – belly fatRed Hot

Banish the appearance of belly fat with this Ruby red dress featuring a twist front that strategically slims down your middle
Hide tummy bulge with these styles
Wrap dresses
Diane von Furstenberg put the wrap dress on the map back in 1973 and these flattering dresses are still popular today. Wrap dresses are easy to wear and a fabulous choice for hiding your tummy.
Fitted blazer
Don’t start wearing oversized clothes when you gain a little weight. Big clothes will make you look even bigger than you are. For the office, wear a fitted blazer that nips at the waist. Look for fabrics with a little bit a stretch to enhance your curves and hide your tummy.
Empire waist
An empire waist blouse or dress is an easy way to hide any extra weight in your midsection. The empire waist is fitted right under your bust, then drapes nicely the rest of the way down without clinging your body. Don’t go to extremes and wear a baby doll top — it might make you look pregnant.
Banded top
Look for tops that are banded at the hemline. A top like this should hit at the hip, creating a blouson effect that easily covers up any tummy bulge. You can wear a banded top with jeans on the weekend or with a straight skirt at work.
Fortunately, tunics are very trendy right now. From tunic length sweaters to swingy A-line tunic tops, you are sure to find a few tunics that you love. Wear them with pencil skirts, slim jeans or just about anything else in your closet. Choose a material that doesn’t cling to your body but drapes nicely to disguise figure flaws.

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Double Boobs

Double boobs

Double Boobs

The Problem

Double boobs are breasts that spill over the top of a bra resulting in a four boobed effect, sometimes known as QBS (quadruple boob syndrome, or double bubble.

The Solution

TO keeps the girls (breasts) from running over, you MUST wear the right size bra.
Full coverage bras as opposed to demicups are best.
And make sure to adjust your straps, If you lengthen them a bit you can avoid that line
Can you get rid of it for good, absolutely, and without exercise, all you need is a properly fitted bra.

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The Problem
Thickness in the lower leg region, with little or no distinction between calf and ankle (sometimes called tree trunks, peasant legs or piano legs)

The Solution
T- strap shoes, nude heels with pointy toes and booties that are low cut on the top of the foot all visually lengthen the leg.
Pairing opaque tights or pantihose with the same colour shoes will have the same effect.
If you’re wearing open-toe sandals, choose a nail polish or Jamberry wrap that matches your skin tone.

Ankle straps, chunky heels or any shoe that cuts off at the ankle.

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ReDress Your Life – Personal Stylist – Wardrobe ReDresser and Pre-Loved Fashion House

STYLE IS FOREVER create a lookbook shop your wardrobe Vertical lines fool the eye Capsule wardrobe - Blue Noni B skirt

ReDress your life offers women personal styling sessions and makeovers at an affordable price, by teaching them how to shop their own wardrobe.

Lee helps women find the beauty in themselves and teach and them how to look gorgeous and not OK, by using their own clothing, shoes and accessories to create many different outfits, we specialise in the everyday women who have lived life,

Lee can also help you fill the gaps with accessories, shoes and clothing items that will be the basis of your outfits.

By using clothing in YOUR OWN WARDROBE, Lee will teach you how to put several outfits together, help you create a lookbook so that you can recreate your outfits again and again very simply..

She will teach you the art of fashion illusion dressing, teach you how to create a capsule wardrobe and how to dress for your body shape and proportion.

Lee can come to you, or if you prefer, pack up your clothes and bring them to her at ReDress Your Life Fashion House.

Style sessions can be individual or gather a few friends and have a mini style workshop.

She can offer makeup and hair advice and teach you how to recreate your makeover so that your magic day never ends.

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