What to wear to work tomorrow?

I always organise my wardrobe for tomorrow, tonight before I go to bed, when you get up at 4.30am, you need to be organised.

At the moment it is hard to know what the weather is going to be like the next day, one day it’s very sunny and quite warm, the next it’s blustery and cold, so it’s hard to decide on what to wear for a full day going straight from work out to dinner in the evening.

Gabriella Fratini black dress with zips on pocket & black leggings      Gabriella Frattini

Gabriella Frattini black dress with zips on pocket and black leggings

Given the early morning departures to work, I don’t put my makeup on until I get into the office, I moisturize and put my Nude by Nature air brush primer on and when I get into the office I put my makeup on, I wear a scarf and slippers and have my blankie on for the long haul (nearly an hour on a good day) and hope that we don’t get stopped by anyone. So the outfit that I select has to work through the cold morning in the car, walking the little girl around the park in the wind and or rain and then also be smart enough to meet with clients during the day, and some evenings take me through dinner out before going home to bed.

Generally if I wear leggings and a tunic, I will put on a a thermal skivvy, scarf, and a jacket, but then as the day wears on, the jacket and scarf comes off until the sun goes, down and then I have the jacket and scarf to put back on for the cool trip home. For winter, I love to wear boots, long, calf length and ankle, depending on the outfit, they keep my feet warm and are quite smart looking, however, when I am in the car, I take them off and put my slippers on as I find it too uncomfortable to sit with the heels on, even if they are relatively flat.

I have started a program for 30 days of style, you have to add something different for each day, today’s style item is wear a statement necklace, well today, I felt that my statement was pearls, so along with my string of pearls, and drop pearl earrings, I wore a magnetic bracelet with pearls.

Tomorrows challenge is to wear something that has been in my wardrobe for years, well the Gabriella Frattini tunic shown in the above picture has been in my wardrobe for at least 3 or 4 years, I didn’t wear it last year so this is the item I have chosen for this challenge,

Camel in winter

I hate winter for the cold but I love it for the scarves, jackets and the winter clothing

I decided that I would create a camel mini capsule because camel is a fantastic winter colour.Taupe in winter

I love animal print (as long as it is animal colours), unfortunately you can’t wear it with everything but goes fantastic with camel and black

Outfits for Thursday 28th February to Thursday 4th March 2013

IMAG0044     Diana Ferrari black with timber heels I have to apologise for not posting my outfits for a few weeks, I had the dreaded man flu, got it off Grumpy when he breathed on me, I did continue to take the photos and now I will get back to posting them

I wore this outfit on Thursday 28th February This top is a cheap overlay with a singlet underneath, the trousers are Philosophy harem pants. I wore these Diana Ferrari shoes and the necklace is from Noni B, it has broken 3 times and I still love it.

IMAG0046I was still feeling very unwell on Friday, so I took the day off and stayed home to rest before we took off on the weekend on the boat to Mangles, I wanted to make sure that whatever I wore, I was able to wear it comfortably on the boat, as I was going to have to pick up our mooring and connect the ropes and that can be a wet and slightly dangerous thing if not wearing the right clothing.

The under dress is Philosophy and very versatile, the vest is a Threads stripe and even though I don’t like to wear horizontal stripes, it doesn’t cover the entire front of my body so I was happy to wear it, the shorts are my trusty Noni B stretch shorts.

IMAG0047I wore this outfit on Saturday on the boat, the only visitors we had were our neighbours from across the canal that we met up with the evening before. Unfortunately I don’t remember the brand of this top but it has longer sleeves and was very comfortable to be able to lounge around given that I was not well. I wore another pair of trusty Noni B shorts. they go so well on the boat, no need to hang I just keep them in my travel bag ready to put on.

IMAG0051We were heading back to anchor in the estuary on Sunday (public holiday weekend) so I wanted something comfortable and a little warmer as I was going to be out on the front of the boat in the wind to drop the mooring ropes and to watch out for the direction of the anchor. This dress is a Qior dress and Noni B long shorts with cutouts on the bottom of the leg. I don’t wear the red shorts very often as I like to have the same colour when wearing red and that is hard as there are so many different colour reds.

IMAG0045I with Qior dress on Monday on the way back home after the long weekend with another pair of Noni B shorts

IMAG0048    White Novo shoes with flowers  Still not well on Tuesday back at work, so I needed an easy to care and wear outfit. This is a Cafe Late lace dress, I wore it with mid length white leggings that you couldn’t see as they were not as long as the dress. I wore these white Novo flower shoes, I bought them not long after the Novo shoe shop opened at Mandurah Forum and love them, even though they are looking a little worn. White shoes are very hard to find.

IMAG0049I wore this outfit on Wednesday and the entire outfit is from Philosophy, I just love the mix and max of this brand, they compile a story of each of the colour themes they have and this outfit I bought 2 years ago and this year they have brought out more items using the same fabric and colours. How sensible, now my mix and matching group of clothing has just gotten bigger.

IMAG0050   Taupe boots with taupe bag I wore this outfit on Thursday, it is a BooRadley outfit, harem pants and a blouson top with an unedged finish at the neck. I wore my favourite taupe shoes and my taupe shrug. I have worn this little shrug/bolero a lot over the last couple of






Outfit for Wednesday 13th and Thursday 14th February 2013

We have had a heat wave with nearly a week of over 38°C and boy has it been hot.

Black & white dress centre buttons with black trousers

I wore this Vivid dress and Noni B long shorts on Wednesday it is a black soft T shirt fabric for the bodice with different black & white buttons down the front of the dress and patterned black  white fabric on the bottom of the dress.

The dress is longer in the front than the back and I am glad that I wore trousers instead of leggings as the length of the back of the dress barely covered my bottom.

I wore my black slip on sandals due to the heat, I had my black courts to wear but thought these would be more comfortable.Black slip ons







Black dress with beading on the bodice, black shrug & black long shorts

I am wearing this Philosophy black beaded dress today with black Long shorts by Vivid.

It is going to be cooler today about 30° but the building where we work is still pretty hot from the last few days so I wore my black slip ons again today as I didn’t have any clients coming in for appointments.

Outfits for Saturday 2nd, Sunday 3rd & Monday 4th February 2013

Philosophy Black & white floral top with black long shorts

Philosophy Black & white floral top with black long shorts



This Philosophy dress/top is a nice light weight dress/top for wearing on the boat, we had a 38°C day so I needed a lightweight outfit to be able to be on the boat during the day and also be suitable to wear into our club (MOFSC) for tea all I did was change my shoes, boat shoes during the day and slip ons for the evening.

I wore Noni B shorts with this top not the long shorts as shown due to the heat.







Threads Red, with black stitching dress with black shorts

Threads Red, with black stitching dress with black shorts


We had another hot day on Sunday so I thought this Threads dress was just the thing, It is made of 6 different pieces of stretchy cotton and has braid and buttons to embellish the dress.









Threads blue & white outfit

Threads blue & white outfit



This is another Threads dress with Noni B white shorts,  a white shrug and my long silver necklace. I wore this outfit today to work,



We are celebrating Australia Day

We are celebrating Australia Day with friends, family and friends of our family anchored at Matilda Bay on Saturday. We are heading up to Mangles Bay on Friday afternoon, then head into Fremantle Wharf on Saturday morning before heading up the river to Matilda Bay to anchor and raft up with 3 other boats.

We will be having a BBQ with sausages and chicken with salad for tea with fruit platter and nibbles throughout the afternoon waiting for the fireworks. We have a great bunch of people coming, they are all contributing to the day.

The fireworks for Australia Day are the biggest in WA and is a big deal.

Tradition is lamb chops, lamingtons and anything else Aussie.

Taken by Peter McGinley using an Olympus C-707...

Taken by Peter McGinley using an Olympus C-7070 Wide Zoom digital camera. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I didn’t buy any lamb cutlets as they were $36 per kg and there were only about 4 to a kilo and I wanted at least 2o cutlets 1 for each person. I decided on  dinky dy Aussie Shepherds pie.

I have made 70 mini shepherds pie with lamb steak, that’s nearly as traditional as using leftover lamb roast.

One of the girls coming is making lamingtons (sponge cake coated with chocolate and coconut).

I have bought bunting to go on the side of the boat and Bali style flags for the rear, a beach ball and little ears and an Aussie bow tie – all from Red Dot for Braandi. I have no idea what Grumpy will think of all of this junk going on his boat, just tough like I suppose, you have to get into the spirit of the thing.

Back In Mandurah they are having an Australia Day flotilla, this is where all types of boats get decorated and do an on water convoy through the canal system and then come back and raft up. Unfortunately this is a long weekend and we ALWAYS go away on the boat for a long weekend so we won’t be able to participate.

Outfits for Saturday 19th to Monday 21st January 2013

Outfit for Saturday 19th January 2013

Outfit for Saturday 19th January 2013

I wore this outfit on Saturday to go shopping and after lunch on the boat,. When I know that I am going on the boat after shopping, I try to choose an outfit that is going to be suitable, eg, dress not too long or flowy, so that It doesn’t create problems when doing the ropes or fenders.

I was extremely lucky on Saturday, however as my back was not too good, and I rested on the lounge before we headed out to the estuary to anchor for the night, and Grumpy had very nicely put out all the ropes, pumped the fenders and got everything ready for our raft up.

This little jacket is a Gabriella Frattini jacket, and the trousers are from Noni B, the white blouse is a light cotton fabric, and after I put it on, I wasn’t happy that you were able to see my bra through the fabric, so I put an under dress (orange T shirt material) that I have had for years and not found the right outfit to wear it with.

This stopped the see through bit and gave the blouse a pale but bright orange tinge.

The necklace and earring set I got when I bought the little jacket

I wore my orange diamonte shoes

Pink overlay with white Tshirt and pants

Pink overlay with white Tshirt and pants

I wore this outfit on Sunday on the boat coming home, I need something light and quick and easy to pack, I wasn’t feeling too good, so just grabbed the first outfit that was handy.

Boo Radley Outfit for Monday 21st January 2013

Boo Radley Outfit for Monday 21st January 2013

This BooRadley dress has a T shirt type fabric around the neck, I would not be able to wear a bra with it if I didn’t have my little jacket as the neck is triangle shaped, it has a cut out in the bodice, so I opted not to wear a necklace, the jacket it a suzannegrae and the leggings are from Noni B about 5 years ago.

About 10 years ago Grumpy bought me a beautiful oval bracelet with the greek symbol on it and a set of earrings to match, I wore these as neither are over the top.




Freshly harvested Mussels, Basil & chillis and Lee’s chilli sauce

IMAG1854 IMAG1860 IMAG1861 IMAG1862 IMAG1863IMAG0387


The little girl has found that she loves swimming in the canal – chasing the blowies, so we went down to the water on Wednesday and while we were waiting for her when she was swimming, Grumpy decided to pull a few mussels of the pontoon.

He asked if I felt like chilli mussels as we haven’t had them on our wall for about 7 years so we have not had fresh ones for a long time.

So we harvested, cleaned and cooked the mussels using my freshly grown basil, Grumpy’s chillies and my special chilli sauce, and a small garlic bread.

Well it was great, albeit a little salty, but we think that might have been the bacon.

There is nothing like having fresh produce, especially when you hunt and gather and then cook it yourself.

We are going to have some more next week as there are plenty more mussels growing on the pontoon.

I did want to make them in the Thermomix, but didn’t dare ask, I know what the answer would have been.


Mandurah dolphins, we never tire of them.

I received an email today from one of our friends who lives in Mandurah, across the canal from us actually, and they are friends with the owner of the cruise boat and he forwarded the following clip to them.

If you love dolphins, check it out, you need to watch the whole clip as the dolphin numbers increases through the clip and you see them playing and wrestling for space.

We see this every time we are on our boat, unfortunately we forget to take photos.



Outfit for Wednesday 9th January 2013

Today was not as hot as it was yesterday, however that didn’t stop the hot flushes, so I was a bit worried about my choice of outfit today as there are 2 layers of top.

I chose a philosophy  top with suzannegrae silver lace overlay over pull up 3/4 pants from Target.

I bought the silver jacket from suzannegrae about 7 or 8 years ago for a Christmas BBQ and I don’t think I have worn it since, the trousers, are very much like the shorts that I buy from Noni B, in that they have a waistband that is made from the same material as the trouser itself, the only difference is that the waistband has to be rolled down as it is over 20cm high.

Philosophy top with Silver overlay

Philosophy top with Silver overlay

The top has a matching jacket to go over the top, however I find that both items together are a bit over the top. The jacket is the same fabric as the bottom of the top and has a lovely wide and round collar, I wear it with just a singlet or tank top underneath.

White slip ons

I wore my slip on white shoes, I checked the brand out today realised that the brand is MG, and they are so comfortable to wear. I bought them from a little boutique in the Smart Street Mall in Mandurah on the foreshore. She specialises in bridal and mother of the bride gowns, shoes and bags. I remember that I bought these on sale, and if they had them in different colours I would have got them as they are so comfortable.

In Darling Harbour, Sydney there are 2 shops that sell MG brand shoes, but I am not sure they are from the same manufacturer as I have tried shoes on in these shops and not found any comfortable enough to buy.

I have on a long silver ball necklace with matching earrings.  Unfortunately I haven’s started taking photos of the jewellery, and I am not having a day off work this week as I am interviewing but will endeavour to put an effort into doing this so that I can show a complete outfit as sometimes the earrings and necklace or scarf just off the outfit.