I am size 12 – 14, depending on what I have eaten, I am 5’4 or 164cm and I weigh on average 70-72kg, however I have been up to 75kg, not my best time, I have also been down as low as 60kg, though I have been told at this weight that I look drained.

I love clothes, fashion and all things girly or feminine.

I am so frustrated with the fashion of today for the mature woman, not necessarily old, but not the super young and super thin, everything seems to be for a size 6 and smaller, the very tall and very young, there are a lot of us who do not fall into that category and I would like to be able to show that us “older” ladies do not have to look daggy and we can look beautiful ALL of the time.

So I would like to compile a clothing diary to show people what I wear to work, on the weekend, going on the boat and going out for tea as It doesn’t take a lot of work to make yourself presentable with clothes, shoes, make up, jewellery etc.

I see a lot of women, not necessarily older, but they don’t seem to take any effort with themselves, when we had foxtel, I would watch as many of the clothing shows that I could, especially makeover shows and I realised that I had a flair for this sort of thing as well, I didn’t necessarily agree on all of the decisions that the hosts made for the makeover, and if I didn’t, I would come up with an alternative.

I am an avid people watcher and I look at a lot of  women when I am out and about at the shops and I think to myself, what would I change on that woman to make her, IMHP, (in my honest opinion) look and feel great, or at least better than she does now.

Generally a lot of women of a certain age, will wear a t shirt and either trousers or skirt, and the first thing that you notice is where her middle is and the dividing line that creates 2 balls, one above the waist and one below.

Some ladies should NOT tuck their tops in, I am one of them, I have a pot belly, I always have, even when I was a size 8, in my late teens and early twenties, I have never had a flat tummy, so I dress to hide this, I have always had a big bottom, so I make sure that all of my tops cover my bottom with extra to spare, I have huge boobs, and they can be a problem when dressing, so I try to dress to suit my complete figure.

I wear a lot of leggings, a lot of ladies say that they can’t wear leggings, I don’t necessarily agree, it depends on the top or dress that is worn on top or over the leggings.

I have a friend who is quite short, and we went shopping on one of her visits to our town, and she tried on leggings and a tunic, and unfortunately it didn’t suit her, I think because the leggings were too short and the tunic was too long, the leggings were black and the dress patterned.

Had the leggings gone to her ankles and the dress shortened and or been one colour, add a long necklace or scarf the effect would have been that she would have looked taller, and Bob’s your uncle.

Clothes and the way they are worn is just an illusion.

I am quite often asked if I have lost weight, I would love to say yes, but it is really just the clothes that I wear and how I wear them.

I only spend about 5 minutes each day with my makeup, and I never go without it, for 2 reasons, I have scars on my face from when I had 2 different cancers removed, and yes I am vain, so I want these covered up and I also believe that the makeup that I put on my face helps with both sun protection and keeping my skin youthful, because it is protected from the elements.

I REFUSE to buy any clothes that require ironing, I know, I am lazy, but there is more to life than spending hours over the ironing board.

When my sons were at school and my husband worked for someone, and I was working for someone, the amount of washing an ironing did my head in, I spent most weekends washing and ironing, oh joy.

When we started our own business, my husband stated that he was going to wear polo shirts and jeans to work everyday, NO TIES and I said NO MORE ironing.

This was great for me, I now had my weekends to myself – well a little more than before.

I do have a fantastic steam iron and I also have a steamer, like you would find in dress shops, but I only use them when absolutely necessary, and not very often.

We have always had a front loader washing machine, which I believe treats the clothes a lot gentler than a top loader, and I chuck everything in the dryer and take it out and fold it or put it on hangers when I get home from work we don’t have a clothesline, and haven’t had one for over 30 years.

When you work full-time leave before the sun comes up in the morning and get home after the sun sets, the clothing is damp again.

I always wash and dry my clothes inside out as this prevents them from pilling, some of my well-worn clothes I have had for over 10 years and they still look great.

I love the idea of a capsule wardrobe, however as I have a lot of patterned dresses in my wardrobe, my capsule wardrobe is probably larger than most, however as most people I have my favourite items that I love to wear both because they are comfortable to wear and they are versatile in colour and fabric.

Some of my favourite items are

Vigorella (brand) scarves, black, red, white and cream

Black mesh T-shirts of various brands, to wear under any tunic style dresses

White mesh T-shirts as above

Black boots – winter wear

Black round neck, long sleeve skivvies, for under tunics as well as keeping warm without having to wear a cardi.


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