Brooches, and scarf clips

BroochesIn the past, brooches have a bad reputation for being old-fashioned and matronly.

If you associate brooches as something worn only by grandmothers, then it is time to think again.

Brooches have been making a comeback, and are now a much coveted fashion accessory. To get some ideas on how to wear brooches keep reading.

Brooches have long been neglected as a fashion accessory and were seen as something that is worn only by old ladies.

But it is time to get those brooches out of your jewellery box and have them  cleaned, polished and ready to wear.

This season, brooches have made a definitive comeback and they are flaunted as one of the hottest fashion accessories.

With such a large variety of brooches available, from ornate vintage ones, beaded, floral, textured and very basic ones, you will be completely spoilt for choice.

They can be worn so many different ways, and one of the best ways to wear them is by attaching them on dresses or tops.

The right brooch can spruce up even the simplest and drabbest of any outfit.

And the best part?

They are ideal for camouflaging an outfit that is torn or has a stain on it.

The secret is to find a brooch is big enough to cover the spot and your dress will look as good as new.

Here are a few of my tips on how to rock the brooch trend.

How to Wear Brooches with Dresses

A jewel or crystal brooch in eye-catching colours can transform even the most boring outfit to something dramatic, and the best thing about wearing brooches with dresses is that you can pin them anywhere on your outfit to create dimension and that wow factor.

It is a great way to attract attention to your most flattering features.

Traditionally, a brooch was worn on the lapel of a coat or jacket but you can pin a brooch to a dress or top to dress it up.

Shoulder – If you have a plain shift dress or tunic and want to smarten it up for evening wear, then pin a cluster of brooches on the shoulder of your dress.

It is one of the best ways to glam up a simple dress.

Look for a mix of quirky, bright and dimensional looking brooches on soft feminine dresses to make a statement.

Back – One of the sexiest way to wear a brooch is by pinning in at the back of your dress. If you are wearing a dress with a plunging back, then attach the brooch at the lowest point on your back.

Alternatively, pin a ceramic or crystal brooch between the back straps of the dress.

If you have a bohemian dress that is very flowy overly large and simply not flattering to wear, a chunky brooch can be used to gather the dress at the back or under the bust to create a more fitted and modern effect at the bust area.

BodiceIf you are wearing a cocktail dress that has a plunging neckline, just wear the brooch at the centre of the neckline. This will accentuate the neckline and give your dress some more glamour. Large antique brooches with a subtle sparkle works very well. You can also opt for brooches with a nature-based design to up the style quotient.

Side – One of the best ways to wear a brooch is by attaching it to the side of your waist. You can pin the brooch on one side of your dress if it has lots of folds and pleat the best brooch should be a large one so that it is eye-catching or it will get lost in the folds and not serve its purpose.

An large hanging crystal brooch will  look best with a solid coloured or plain dress.

Waist – You can also wear an antique brooch pinned to a ribbon or sash and then tie the ribbon at the waist. You can align the brooch either at the centre to help cover a slight bulge or slightly to the side.

This idea works well for floral dresses or vintage dresses.

Brooches that are very traditional and are encrusted with diamonds, pearls or crystals can be worn with wedding dresses.

Diamond encrusted brooch will compliment a white wedding dress beautifully, especially with lace trimmings and beading.

A great way to jazz or dress up a dress for evening wear is to wear a dramatic cluster of jewelled brooches in eye popping colours like electric blue, neon pink and fuchsia.

Pair this with a sleek up do and you will instantly look very formal and dressy.

Another way to use a brooch as a fashion accessory, is as a hair pin in your bun.

You can also pin two brooches on your flats or heels or use a brooch to pin your scarf.

Mutton dressed up as lamb

Mutton dressesd up as lamb

A very common problem many women face when they get older is the concern about dressing inappropriately for their age – or, “mutton dressed up as lamb”.

Many women end up looking frumpy and 10 to 20 years older because they dress too old for their age and lifestyle just so they don’t appear to dress too young, what they don’t realise is that it ages them even more.

Some hints to help with avoiding looking like mutton dressed up as lamb are:

  • Avoid showing too much skin
  • Avoid too much cleavage, unless of course you have a wrinkle free décolletage and a properly fitted bra
  • Also, make sure your hem is not way past the bottom of your knees as this can appear frumpy, unless you have very long legs, and will look best worn with heels.
  • If you prefer to wear flats, make sure your hem is no longer than the bottom of your knees, as this can also appear frumpy.
  • Always choose fits that flatter your body type.
  • Avoid choosing outfits that are too tight or too loose.
  • Large, over sized clothing does not bring out the beauty in a woman.
  • An overly tight-fitting garment certainly does not give anyone the elegant look.
  • If you are the kind who simply loves to wear attractive kinds of women’s clothing then you can go in for a long, fitting skirt with a side slit, worn best with a heel.

Ageing can be Graceful

Paula - Instantly Ageless - before and after Paula - before and after

Mature Age Dressing

A gracefully aging woman is incredibly beautiful and the experience she has, makes her beauty shine.

As we grow older we are still beautiful, it’s just a different beauty when we are in our twenties and thirties.

We understand that beauty in a child is different  than a teenager, however once age into our twenties and thirties, we don’t realise that we now have a different beauty.

When we learn to accept the changes in our appearance through ageing, we can start to be happy with ourselves when we look in the mirror.

A gracefully aging woman can be beautiful, and her experiences in life will make her beauty shine, however, she needs to be re-educated on what is complementary to her new beauty.

We don’t want to look like grannies nor mutton dressed as lamb.

The same principles that we had as younger women, using colours, body proportion, camouflaging or illusion dressing and dressing to suit your personality and lifestyle need to be addressed.

There are other things that we need to be aware as we age, and at ReDress Your Life we show you how do dress , wear your hair and apply make-up, in the most flattering way, that  you will love and feel confident in.

I would love to share with some of my top points of what NOT to do to age gracefully

  • Have a glasses chain attached to your glasses or granny half glasses. (An exception, of course if you are on a boat and are likely to lose your glasses or sunnies over the side, having a chain is a darn sight cheaper than replacing your glasses)
  • Long straight hair parted down the middle, with roots needing a long overdue touch up
  • Boobs hanging too low, and not wearing a proper fitted supportive bra, did you know that wearing a properly fitted bra can drop you a full dress size?
  • Grey hair show through your eyebrows or not shaping them,
  • Wearing your foundation either too thick or the wrong colour or foundation lines half way down your neck
  • If your lips are narrow, wearing dark lipstick that bleeds everywhere, try some LipSense by SeneGence, lipstick that stays on without bleeding for 4 – 18 hours (PS! Yes I sell this product, and I love it, not to be a sales pitch, but if you want to try it, once you try, you will want to buy, send me a message and I will get in touch to see if I can help you with this)
  • Wearing pants that are wider at the top of the leg than at the ankle.
  • Not looking after your hands and nails (Yes, I sell Jamberry nail wraps, lacquer and gel polish)
  • Wearing comfortable shoes that are without style, nanna shoes.( you can have comfort and style)



There is nothing wrong with wearing a pair of  leggings as long as they are not worn as the main focus of the outfit. They are best worn with a longer top or dress that covers and drapes the stomach, bottom and hips.  Avoid clingy  fabric such as lycra, especially the  wet look leggings.


They were designed to be worn as a layering item under other garments, not showing colored or patterned underwear.

Checkout the latest YouTube video doing the rounds

bum with tights

When I went out with my mum a few weeks ago, one of the girls that was with us wore a pair of black leggings and a sheer top over, you could see the front of her leggings. Mum said she was wearing her mumblers, I didn’t know what she meant until she explained “the lips are moving but not saying anything, mumbles) see below!!!


Flabby Abbs


flabby abs

Flabby Abbs

The problem

Flabby abs; differentiated from muffin top by its below the belly button location (sometimes called the front butt or the bay window)

The solution

Underwear with elastic panels in front will do the trick, once you’ve got the right shapewear, wear tunic or empire style tops and dresses, or tops long enough to hide the area.


High wasted pants and skirts and tucked in shirts.

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Turkey Neck

Turkey neck

Turkey Neck


Loose, wrinkly skin in the neck and chin area (sometimes called. the gobbler, the wattle).

The Solution
Wear V-neck and scoop neck tops, button-down shirts with the collar worn high like Candice Bergen, and scarves in soft colours all help create a Fashion optical illusion or camouflage the turkey neck by drawing attention down and away from the neck.

A quick fix, for colder weather wear a scarf, in warmer weather, you could wear a lightweight summer scarf.

Turtlenecks and mock necks—can exacerbate the problem—as well as chokers and dark colours near the face.


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Armpit fat



Armpit fat

The Problem

Excess flesh in the underarm area that is often made to look worse by strapless dresses and tank tops (sometimes called. pit chub, side boobs)


The bulge is a symptom of a bra that doesn’t fit well, some women need to go down at least one band size and up one cup size.

Bras with side slimmers can also help, try sweetheart necklines and tank tops with thick straps.


Strapless dresses that cut straight across the chest, tube tops and tank tops that are too tight.

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Bat Wings

Bat wings - Flabby armsBat wings 1

Bat wings

The Problem

Flabby skin on the underside of the upper arms.

The Solution

Covering up sleeveless tops by wearing longer sleeves underneath is an effective fix, Shrugs, boleros are also terrific.


Sleeveless styles and cap sleeves Some think that cap sleeves provide some coverage, but hey actually make the upper arms look bigger.

The fix

Sleeve shapewear, provides arm coverage, Kathy Najimy invented Ch’Arms to wear under sleeveless pieces because she had upper arm concerns.

There is also a few new products on the market now, nude sleeves .

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Official opening ReDress Your Life Recycle boutique (Preloved Fashion House)

20150916_100309 20150916_100843 2015-07-08 13.46.29

ReDress Your Life Recycle boutique (Preloved Fashion House) Official opening is on Sunday 18th October at 11.00am,

Unit 11/8 Bannick Court Canning Vale

We will have refreshments, raffles, fun prizes, and lots lot of opening specials.

Some of our brands include

Some of our brandsSeneScenes - new products that work 12032763_10154209717128219_4643127919405347095_o

Domestic Violence is on the news everywhere at the moment and to help make a difference for each $150.00 spent on the day, and through to the 30th November 2015, Stylution on behalf of ReDress Your Life and South Coastal Women’s Health Service will be donating a personal styling session to 1 woman who has been affected by domestic violence. South Coastal Women's Health ServicesDomestic violence can be physical, sexual, emotional, economic, or psychological actions or threats of actions that influence another person, this can include any behaviours that intimidate, manipulate, humiliate, isolate, frighten, terrorize, coerce, threaten, blame, hurt, injure, or wound someone.

So if you have a few free hours on Sunday 18th October, pop in and grab a bargain, buy some raffle tickets, Order some Jamberry nail wraps, SeneGense (LipSense) makeup or book a personal style session or makeover with Stylution to help this very worthy cause.

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Mum Butt

Mum butt

Mum Butt

The Problem

A flat elongated backside, without any shape or definition, its particularly noticeable when wearing jeans, sometimes called flat butt, frump butt.

The Solution

Look for underwear that has bottom padding or shapewear with bottom lifting properties.

Look for jeans with defined rear pockets and strategically placed darts and seams, and finally wear high heeled shoes, they will improve your posture and will lift your butt.


Jeans with small back pockets and high waisted pants and trousers.

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