Preparing plans for shire – planning application

Now that our survey has arrived, the draftee is Preparing plans for shire -for our planning application.

The drawing that is when the design has been worked out is called a sketch. A sketch plan cannot be used for building the house, and as such is not able to be used to submit to the shire.

These drawings are called working drawings and this is where the Builder has all of the notes required for the contractors to be able to use to build the house including all dimensions, window sizes, heights of walls etc.

There are also notes for the clients to be aware of eg. downpipes are installed at the discretion of the roof plumber and not necessarily where shown on the plan.

There should be a floor plan – this is the plan that shows all of the rooms and sizes of those rooms, sizes of doors, windows, dimensions of cabinets, baths, etc.

There should be an elevation – this is the plan that shows the elevations of the house, eg front elevation, and each side. This plan should show height of walls, ceilings, windows, placement of HWS (hot water system), external taps ground levels around the house etc.

There should be a site plan – this is the plan that shows the survey information, the placement of the house on the block, all of the services if they are available, it should also list the plan/Diagram # from the title, the shire. A good surveyor will also show the locality diagram and the sewer diagram if available, not all surveyors show this info.


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