It’s a man’s job to fill the car with fuel.

It’s a man’s job to fill the car with fuel. he drives it, the fact that I am in the car on the way everywhere is not my problem or fault.

It is a man’s job regardless of the situation.

We buy our fuel from the Woollies service station in Mandurah and as we have a Woollies credit card that is linked to the Woollies every day rewards card. Which is fabulous by the way, we have received 15c per litr off our fuel for the last few purchases just by having the rewards card and the Woollies credit card.

When you use the servos, if the credit card machine is working, you do not have to go into the shop, I hate going into the shop and at 4.30 in the morning I have my slippers on and I don’t do my make up until I get to work.

I hate filling the car.
He told me, we need to fill the car some time today. He is going to a boardroom lunch today with Peter Gow (and the rest of our board of Wesbuilders) today. Peter is the Executive Director of the Building Commission.

Woo!! Woo!!, just because he is going out, why should I have to fill the car. NOT MY PROBLEM. and he said that we will fill it this morning because it is easier. I don’t find it easier, I have to hand over my credit card.

He told me that I am not a princess and the only way that filling the car affects me is that I have to reach over to the back seat and get my wallet to get the credit card out, I don’t have to stand in the BLOODY cold, I don’t have to get stinking diesel fuel all over my hands so stop your bloody whinging.

He is actually meeting with Peter Gow, as one of the directors of Wesbuilders (a co-op of builders in WA) to discuss the appalling state of getting building permits  and One of the issues they intend to discuss with Peter is in fact the time related to planning and development approvals along with what appears to be the ‘tactic’ of pausing an application on the discovery of the first point requiring information rather than assessing the whole application and requesting all further info required.

Let’s hope that something positive comes out of today’s lunch as the industry is in great need of a decent shakeup.




Boobs are NOT for groping

Boobs are NOT for groping.


I tell Grumpy this everyday. We travel home from work early afternoon, and as I have had 2 operations to remove cancer from my face (the scars are just about invisible, the dermatologist/ surgeon did a fantastic job) my sunglasses hurt to have on my nose for that long, I tend to not wear them and close my eyes.

I have my headphones on and I listen to the audio books on my iPod.

I am sure he waits until I am concentrating heavily or asleep, either one, to go for the grope.

If I am not fully asleep or heavily concentrating I can knock his had away quite quickly, however if I am dozing, I miss it and he thinks that is the biggest joke ever.

We were driving to work this morning and it was light (it is normally dark in the morning on the way to work) when deep in concentration he went for the grope and I missed it.

He thought is was so funny, I said that I had to put up with it in the afternoon, I shouldn’t have to tolerate it in the morning. His response was a cheesy grin and You should keep your eyes open then shouldn’t you.


Flickr is scared of boobs

Flickr is scared of boobs (Photo credit: Malingering)


Braandi says can we go now???

Can we go now???


Braandi says can we go now???

It’s 4.30 on Monday morning, after being on the boat all weekend, she is knackered, she normally comes home, goes to do her business and flops on her bed until it is bedtime that night.

Obviously the weekend was more tiring for her than normal as she looks so tired here, we have had breakfast, put the clothes in the dryer, put Braandi’s seat belt on and we are ready to go.

She sits in the door to the laundry with her sorrowful eyes and pleads can we go now???

as soon as she gets in the car she will sleep all the way to the office, she has done it for 3 years now, so she knows the routine


Dress sizes lower women’s self esteem.

Dress sizes lower women’s self esteem, I am generally a size 12 – 14 with most clothes.

I pulled out the New Cove dress below to wear today and realised it is a size 10, Woo! Woo!.

I have other dresses that are sized XL and that really upsets me.

There should be a standard dress size across the world or at least in Australia the should be standard sizing.

For ladies who are trying to lose weight or maintain there weight it can be very depressing to fall in love with a dress only to find that the size is 2 -3 sizes larger than you would normally buy.

We are fickle creatures and will generally buy it anyway, but that is NOT the point.

I just wish that someone would start thinking about the women who are not size 6 and 170cm tall.

I read a comment in the latest Weight Watchers magazine written by Donna Gebbett, Bellbird Park in Queensland and she says

Thank you for featuring in your September issue real women who are on the shorter side of the measuring stick. Three of the four women were between 162cm and 165cm tall, which is my and my friends height range. Usually, the women who grace these pages are around the 180cm mark, which never feels relative to us. This issue of the magazine will be a keeper.


I wish more women would speak up about this so that something can be done and give us older girls a chance to feel feminine and beautiful in our graceful years.

I LOVE magazines and love to buy them, but when I do, I get a bit down as all they feature is young very tall very skinny girls, what about us older women.


Craft Clothing Size Chart

Craft Clothing Size Chart (Photo credit: Glory Cycles)

New Cove dress for Friday 26

Grumpy likes to prove me wrong

Grumpy likes to prove me wrong. I cooked a spaghetti bog last week on my cook up and we had it for tea one night and I had it for lunch yesterday.

I brought the unwashed container home to wash, placed it in the kitchen sink with hot water and dish washing liquid to soak until I did the dishes for the evening meal.

Grumpy washed the dishes – he likes to wash them so that I can’t complain that I do everything, decided that it wasn’t clean, I said that it was, he said he will soak it until tomorrow morning,  because I will accept something that is not cleaned to be cleaned properly.

This morning he pulled out the Gumption h and scrubbed like buggery. It didn’t come clean did it.

I said to him that he doesn’t like to be wrong does he, he replied I don’t like you being right and this was said with a cheesy grin

Nederlands: afwasmiddel Nederlands: afwasmidde...

Nederlands: afwasmiddel Nederlands: afwasmiddel Dansk: Opvaskemiddel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)