7 Boats heading to Mindarie

There are now 7 boats joining the convoy to Mindarie with at least 2 adults on each boat, some of the boats will have 4 adults, so it is going to be a great weekend, great weather, meeting new friends and fantastic boating, hope we see lot’s of dolphins.

2 boats are coming from Mandurah we are going to have tea on Friday night and travel in the dark, our friend has a thermal camera and we have a forward facing sonar, so one would hope that we have a clean and clear trip to Mangles.

The trip to Mangles, where we have a mooring should take us no more than an hour, however, if we tonk, (go slowly approx 8 knots) it will take a couple of hours.

Given that we are going to get there in the dark, we won’t bother using our mooring, we will just pick up one of the new public ones.

We won’t put the dinghy down as we will only be there over night, we will go over to the jetty first thing in the morning, tie up and let the dog off to do her business, and we will go and get our groceries from the IGA.

We love going to Mangles bay as there is everything there that you could want.

We don’t go to Rotnest as we have the dog, you are not allowed to have dogs at Rotto, even on the boat.

Grumpy checked the weather again this afternoon and he said that it looks like it is going to be a perfect weekend for boating.

A few years ago, we did a similar trip with 3 boats, from Mandurah on the Friday, up to Hillarys where we stayed overnight, we were going to stay for 2 nights, but we found out that Hillarys doesn’t like dogs, we then went up to Mindarie, didn’t stop, just pulled into the Marina to have a look, we then tonked up to Two Rocks, didn’t stop there either,  just thought that given that we were up that far we should call in and check out the marina.

We then headed back to Fremantle where we tied up against the Kailis boardwalk and had fish and chips for lunch, after a lovely lunch, we headed back to Cockburn where they have a magnificent floating jetty, we tied up overnight, the guys went up to the Cockburn club as one of the guys is a member.

When the guys had finished with their drinks at the club, we heated up our quick and easies (pies, sausage rolls, dips & crackers) and had a lovely evening.

That weekend was the best weekend weather wise that we have had for a trip in 15 years, the water was like a millpond the whole weekend.

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The design for our new house is FINISHED

Our design is finished, I have been told what I am allowed to have and what I am NOT going to get.

I have been told that I am not allowed to have my Thermomix on my bench as it is not a nice looking  appliance, so I went on the forumthermomix, and found a photo of an idea, putting it in the walk in pantry on a shelf, that way it is not on show.

As the lot we have purchased is only 271m² we will have to build a double storey house, as soon as we are happy with the design, we will submit the plan to the shire for planning approval.

Unfortunately as the design will be double storey it will have to go to planning, if the house was a single storey it would only have to go to shire for a building permit, unless that particular shire requires planning approval for single stories.

Strata lots will always have to go to planning and it doesn’t matter what shire it is, sometimes planning approval can take months, so this is just a waiting game.

Fortunately in some aspects, the Building Commission has put guidelines in place in regards to the building permit process to hopefully make the process quicker, we haven’t found that is the case as yet, but time will tell.

There are, unfortunately, no guidelines in relation to the planning process however, and as such there is no control over the time it takes at shire.

Solar Passive designed homes – from http://www.yourhome.gov.au/technical

4.5 passive solar Heating

Passive solar heating is about keeping the summer sun out and letting the winter sun in. It is the least expensive way to heat your home.

The fact sheet explains how the following key elements of passive solar heating are applied.

  • Northerly orientation of window areas.
  • Passive shading of glass.
  • Thermal mass for storing heat.
  • Minimising heat loss with insulation, draught sealing and advanced glazing.
  • Using floor plan zoning to get heating to where it is most needed and keeping it there.

Passive solar houses can look like any other home but they are more comfortable to live in and cost less to run.

Threadz dress for a cool day

Threadz dress Tuesday 15

It was a little cool again today, so longer sleeves are in.

I can’t wait for the warm weather.

I buy this brand from a shop called Kings Park Fashion, they have several shops throughout Perth, I go to the Rockingham and Mandurah shops.

The great thing about these shops is that the ladies who work in the stores are mature (no I don’t mean old) just not young things, and they understand fashion for the mature woman of all shapes and sizes.


Uncooked Vanilla ice cream – tastes like Mr Whippy

When my kids were little, we loved making our own ice cream in our manual ice cream maker, you only needed salt and water to get it primed, you didn’t need to have a bowl in the freezer, which meant that if you wanted to make ice cream NOW, you could as long as you had the ingredients.

In saying that, do you think I could remember the recipe, I have spent a great deal of time scanning and printing all of my recipes over the last few months, and I finally found it.

It has raw eggs, not just yolks, so not suitable for everyone, but it is so smooth and fantastic for ice cream machines, as it is not a hard ice cream.

I make vanilla, but it can be adapted to any flavour, just by adding the flavoured item in, eg, I used to make rockmelon ice cream, when the rockmelons were in season and very sweet, I used the basic recipe and just blended the rockmelon and added it at the beginning of the blending process.

Basic Vanilla Ice cream – NO COOK

5 eggs

150g (2/3 cup) castor sugar, if not using the Thermomix, if using your beast, doesn’t matter what type of sugar

1  1/2 tspn vanilla essence

125mls (1/2 cup) milk, we use long life skim, because that is all we use, as we use skim for our coffee machine

375mls (1 1/2 cups) thickened cream, we use long life cream so that I always have cream on hand


  • Blend sugar and eggs
  • add remaining ingredients mix
  • add to the icecream machine and stir until ready

Very simple recipe, and simple instructions, but I never had a failure,