Shock in the bedroom

we arrived at the Jetty we call the Amalfi because that it is what the restaurant was called about 10 years ago, sometimes change is hard to accept.

The wind was up and was holding the boat offf the jetty when we got there.

It was difficult to tie the boat up, when we heard a pommy voice shout “You need a hand”, it was our friends that also have a boat and they were having tea on the foreshore so it was very opportune as they gave us a hand pulling the boat in and tying up tighter.

We took the the little girl for a walk to do her business and Grumpy went to the newsagent to buy a magazine, dropped the little girl back at the boat and got organised to go out for tea.

We always find it funny when we leave the little girl on the boat by herself. we give her a stay home treat (a special smoked chicken breast treat for dogs)

We close the door and pull all of the blinds down so that she doesn’t jump on the lounges and try and scratch at the windows to open them and leave.

We are no sooner gone and she is up in the flybridge on the table looking for us, but she always looks the other way.

Our tea was lovely, and leaving the jetty was MUCH easier as the breeze was holding us off.

As we were heading out of the heads, some TOSSER was sitting in the channel in the dark with NO LIGHTS on, we were lucky to see him.

We sat on between 8 and 10 knots and used a whole total of 45 litres for the trip, not the best economy we have had, but pretty good

The trip was otherwise uneventful, but going through the leads was pretty rolly as we were had the wind and the swell side on.

Once we straightened up however, it was all good again.

Picked up our mooring.

Went to bed.

During the night I woke up to have a sip of water, reached across to the bedside table – and nothing – I kept reaching and I touched something that should not have been there, it was hard and had spike type of hair.

I then realised that we were not at home and what I had touched was the mohair teddy bear that sits on the bed on the boat.

All was well.