Didn’t get all of my shopping – had to apologise to Grumpy

English: Mashed potato with dills

English: Mashed potato with dills (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was really pissed off this morning, when I received and email from Woollies online advising me that the fresh salmon that I ordered was  not available.

We were going to have a lovely salmon dinner tonight with mashed potato, baby carrots, asparagus and broccolini, instead we had a Woollies meat pie with all of the sides, but it was not the same.

Grumpy was quite happy with that as he didn’t want to eat the salmon anyway.


Where are those big dolphins – whales

Where are those big dolphins?

Where have those big dolphins gone, they were just there

Our little girl loves being on the boat, she loves the dolphins even more.


When we have been travelling at speed and drop down to 8 knots to enter the heads of the estuary, she knows that we are slowing down and she can roam around the boat.


When we are at speed and we are on the rear deck, she is NOT allowed to roam around the boat, she has to stay in the rear cockpit.


She looks for the dolphins everywhere she is on the boat, because they are out there somewhere.

Braandi is a Cavoodle, a King Charles Cavalier crossed with a poodle, she is 3 years old next month and has a very sweet nature.

There are a lot of dogs out there now called designer dogs that are bred for their hair that has to be clipped and not fall out.



A pair of dusky dolphins swimming alongside a boat

A pair of dusky dolphins swimming alongside a boat (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Energy ratings – changes to our design

Unfortunately in order to comply with the new energy ratings (6 star energy rating) you may have to change the design and/or have dark coloured roof, increase the insulation, have double glazed windows, etc. to lift your energy rating.
Our design has been assessed and in order for us to meet the 6 star rating, we have to have a dark coloured roof, some of our windows facing north had to be increased in size, which changed the design completely and we have to have higher than standard roof insulation.

We then had to re look at the elevation and decide how we wanted the front and side of the house to look, as the block is a corner block, it has 2 elevations that are visible from a road.

I have now decided on the external colours, this, unfortunately was taken out of my hands as I have to have a dark roof.

We are going to have Colorbond Jasper for the roof, gutters and fascia and Colorbond Dune for the downpipes.

I am going to have a Colorbond Dune garage door as I don’t want it too dark, as the garage door takes up a large portion of the front elevation.

If the colour was too dark, it would dominate the front elevation, which of course I don’t want.

We have ordered the survey for our block

Now that we have finalised our design, we have ordered the survey for our lot.
The survey shows the actual block of land, boundary pegs, the dimensions, the levels of the land, fences, any trees that are on the block, approximate dimensions of the trees.

The survey also shows very important info that the builder and contractors will need, eg, footpath, water, gas, Telstra, drainage, if a re peg is required, the road, kerb, electricity, soil, vegetation and sewer.

The survey should also show the road that the block is on, drains on the road, a locality diagram, the sewer diagram, The local authority (shire) plan/diagram #, C/T Volume #, Map reference page#, Date the survey was completed, the scale of the plan.

There are good surveyors and there are great ones, we have used several different site plans from different surveyors, and we have found that Drake Surveys are one of the best.

The details that are shown on the surveys from Drake are very clear and precise with not too much arty farty stuff on it.

As soon as we receive our survey, we will submit the design to the shire planning department and cross our fingers that the approval process will not take too long.

With the new building regulations, the shire is not allowed to take more than 25 days to provide a building permit, so hopefully we might be able to get to site just after Christmas, remembering that the building industry closes down for at least 2 weeks sometimes more over the Christmas break.

Solar Passive designed homes – from http://www.yourhome.gov.au/technical

4.7 insulation

Insulation is an essential component of passive design. It improves building envelope performance by minimising heat loss and heat gain through walls, roof and floors.

Topics covered include:

  • Insulation types and their applications.
  • Recommended insulation levels for different climates.
  • Strategies for cost effective insulation solutions.



I love my pantry

My pantry #1


I Love my kitchen and having a large walk in pantry is a huge benefit.

It’s not exactly tidy, but it is easy to work with.

My pantry #3

My Pantry #2








Above is the shelf that we put in to house the phone and answering machine, we built the house over 10 years ago.
We don’t even have a home phone anymore so this is the new home for the bread machine.

I am waiting for Grumpy to tell me to put the Thermomix here instead, but I will wait until he raises it.

In the design in our new house the pantry is nearly as large but configured in a square rather than a rectangle.

I have a whole wall designed to use the Thermomix.

Gabriella Fratini – Friday 19th

I love Gabriella Fratini clothing, http://www.gabriellafrattini.com.au/they use a variety of patterned fabric and assorted embellishments.

As we were going on the boat on Friday evening, the length of the tunic is not too long to wear on the boat so I didn’t bother getting changed.

If the dress is too long I could trip over it when I am doing the ropes or the fenders.

I wore my black courts with this to work and when I was going on the boat I put my black deck shoes on and the outfit was complete.

I signed up to the Gabriella Fratini website and they forward emails and texts letting me know when they have specials on, or the end of season sell outs.