Boat trip to Mindarie

Well as we move forward during the week towards the weekend, the weather is looking perfect for our trip to Mindarie.

It looks like 6 or 7 boats will be on the cruise up with us, one boat may head up Friday morning from South of Perth Yacht club, and we anticipate that at this stage we will meet up with the others outside the heads at Fremantle approx 11.00am.

It looks as though we will be mooring in the pens at the Marina and staying for 2 nights.

At this stage the arrangements are that we will go the Indian restaurant for tea on Saturday night, and have breakfast on one of the boats on Sunday morning.

Most of the boats will head home after breakfast to Fremantle, however we are going to stay the extra night with another couple on their boat and head home Monday.



Your builder can design your home for your budget.

Well our design for our house is almost there, just tweaking the final items shapes and sizes of windows etc. – this unfortunately has everything to do with the energy rating of the house.

In my opinion it is very important to have your house designed with the energy rating taken into account before the design is finalised so that you can be happy with the house design and not have to make major changes.

 Solar Passive designed homes – from

4.4 shading

Shading of glass is a critical consideration in passive design. Unprotected glass is the single greatest source of heat gain in a well insulated home. Shading requirements vary according to climate and house orientation.

In climates where winter heating is required, shading devices should exclude summer sun but allow full winter sun to penetrate.

This is most simply achieved on north facing walls. East and west facing windows require different shading solutions to north facing windows.

In climates where no heating is required, shading of the whole home and outdoor spaces will improve comfort and save energy.

This fact sheet explains how to choose or design climate and orientation specific shading solutions for all types of Australian housing.

Get your house design right the 1st time

Sometimes when designers design a house for a client, the client falls in love with the design, they are then told by the builder once the design has been assessed by an accredited energy assessor, that unfortunately the design will not comply and it will have to be redesigned to for the block and comply with the energy ratings, this can be heartbreaking, as I know personally, you just love the design as it is and when you are told that it has to be redesigned you may not have the rooms where you want, you may have to have a dark coloured roof to get the energy rating up etc.

 Solar Passive designed homes – from

 4.3 Orientation

A home that is well positioned on its site delivers significant lifestyle and environmental benefits.

Correct orientation assists passive heating and cooling, resulting in improved comfort and decreased energy bills.

The information is presented in three parts:



Designing our new home

In the meantime, we are working on our design (floor plan), with our designer, when she is designing the house, she will take into account the new energy ratings, as she is an accredited energy assessor, as the house needs to have a 6 star energy rating, so that when we submit our plan to the shire, we will not have any issues in regards to the energy rating complying.

Solar Passive designed homes – from

 4.2 design for Climate

This fact sheet provides an introductory guide to the main climate zones in Australia as well as the key passive design responses for each climate.

It also explains the conditions required for human thermal comfort and how passive design assists our bodies in achieving comfort.

Purchasing your block of land

We have put an offer on a block, and the offer has now been accepted and we and should settle on it early November.

Following the next 11 posts I will list the requirements for 6 star energy ratings for new construction in WA so that you may have more of an understanding of these new regulations

 Solar Passive designed homes – from

 4.1 Passive Design

Passive design is a design that does not require mechanical heating or cooling.

Homes that are passively designed take advantage of natural climate to maintain thermal comfort.

Incorporating the principles of passive design in your home:

Building envelope is a term used to describe the roof, walls, windows, floors and internal walls of a home.

The envelope controls heat gain in summer and heat loss in winter.

Its performance in modifying or filtering climatic extremes is greatly improved by passive design.

Well designed envelopes maximise cooling air movement and exclude sun in summer.

In winter, they trap and store heat from the sun and minimise heat loss to the external environment.

The fundamental principles of passive design, explained above are relatively simple and can be applied to the various climate zones, house types and construction systems in Australia.

To explain all of these combinations in sufficient detail, information has been divided into separate fact sheets as

Grumpy cooked a stew

Grumpy decided he wanted beef stew for tea, so he cooked it while I read my Weight watchers magazine that came in the mail today.

While the stew was cooking in the pressure cooker, I went next door and bummed some lemons, and I started cooking lemon coconut puddings and lemon syrup in the Varoma for the Thermomix.

I did the dishes as I didn’t cook the meal.

Once the puddings and syrup were cooked, I topped 4 of them with shredded coconut and took them next door, they were their lemons after all.

I am sure they will let me know what they thought of them tomorrow.

We didn’t have any, we will have them tomorrow, as Grumpy bought some lollies for dessert, we can’t be pigs and have both, so I may take some to work tomorrow for lunch as they keep fresh and moist in the fridge in a sealed container.

Monday outfit – Lilia

I chose this dress today as it was a little overcast last night and I knew it was going to rain during the day, given that I walk the little girl at about 7.00am each morning this week, I chose clothes that would be a little more comfortable without having to wear a jacket.

This dress is a Lilia – an inexpensive brand that I love and buy it from a small boutique in Mandurah Smart Street Mall, La Dee Da, the lady that owns the store is lovely and very accommodating.


Thermomix lamb and vegetable soup

Since we went out to lunch yesterday, and were too comfortable to get off the lounge and sort lunch, I dug in the freezer and pulled out a lamb and vegie soup that I cooked a few weeks ago in the THERMOMIX (beast), thus leaving a space in the freezer for the ice cream that I am going to make with my new Sunbeam ice cream maker, I do have my methods.

I read a post on the forumthermomix a post regarding pea and ham soup with the bones in the basket, I used this method and made a soup for just this occasion, a bit cool outside and needing food, leftover bread from our crusty loaf from yesterday, a little stale, but nice all the same.



Frozen rice

Did you  know you could freeze rice, until ½ an hour ago I didn’t.

I get regular emails from different cooking, recipe sites and click on a post for a very quick 3 course meal, and one of the items listed, frozen cooked rice, so of course I had to do a search on this, and found a great comment on the following website re frozen rice.

I wish I had known that last week, as I cooked Fried rice (not) in my Thermomix, I used a Quirky Cooking recipe call fried rice, and it said to use 400g.

The reason I cooked 400g, (we didn’t need that much) was that I had my Varoma demonstration last week and the demonstrator Margy, told us that you could cook 400g in the steaming basket, and Granma, being Granma questioned the amount, by saying “Are you sure, that is a lot of rice?” and Margy said yes that it was correct.

Well I tried it, put 150g of coconut milk (left over from the Varoma demo) into the water, along with all of the other ingredients that I would normally use to cook fried rice, put the Varoma on the top, and I was gobsmacked at the end of the cooking time, the rice was lovely and fluffy and flavoursome top, and I would certainly cook it that way again.

Big Boobs

I have always considered that I had big boobs, I am a size 14DD

We went to a function for lunch yesterday at an Italian restaurant in Mandurah, and as you would imagine there were lots of Italian people there, I have now decided that I don’t have big boobs at all.