Who says fashion and boating don’t go together

Bright coloured Philosophy for the boat

Eversun tunic great for the boat

Who says fashion and boating don’t go together, I for one don’t, I love to dress up whether I am on the boat, going shopping, work out for dinner or wherever I am going. If you feel good in yourself that shows on the outside.

I always wear trousers of some sort , be it trousers, leggings, shorts and tracksuit bottoms on the boat, I am not having someone look at my knickers.

This top and undershirt is a Philosphy http://www.philosophyaustralia.com/ top from last year. The colours that came in last summer seem to be back in again now, bright colours.

I wore my orange shoes again with this outfit.

This dress is an Eversun, I love this brand. The fabric is always light weight and one of my favourite things is drip dry.

When boating, you need to have clothes that are flexible, non iron and light weight, this brand ticks all of these boxes

The shorts I wear all the time as both dress shorts and and casual shorts are from NONI B http://www.nonib.com.au/. A few years ago I bought a lot of clothing from Noni B, however the last few years their fashion buyers have either changed or the buyers have changed the direction of their focus on clientelle as the clothing now seems to be focused on either the younger woman or the older woman, nothing in between.

I was in the Mandurah shop on the weekend and a lady came to the counter to give her opinion on the fashion, not a negative one, but a suggestion.  She said that she had written to the head office regarding the amount of sleeveless outfits that they have and she said that most mature ladies don’t like their arms being uncovered and would like to have a small cap sleeve, but preferably a sleeve to just above the elbow. I am one of those women, as I have larger upper arms and don’t like to have them on show.


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