Day off from work and a big cook up

pot of chili

pot of chili (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Lasagne (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am having a day off from work today, so I thought I would do a cook up.

I am cooking all but the ribs and ice cream in the Thermomix, and when cool enough, I will kyrvac – vacuum seal and then freeze

Spaghetti Bog double batch

Chilli Con Carne double batch, we use this as a base for a lot of meals, fajitas, nachos, tacos, chilli con carne, enchiladas, all in all it is a great base for quick and easy meals

Lasagne for tea tonight

Shepherds pie to freeze

Beef stroganoff

Ice cream for the Lemon and coconut puddings that I made last night

lemon peel from 20 lemons – dried and ground

Pork ribs for lunch, just because I can


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