You didn’t cook this in the Thermomix

Burnt lamb chops

Burnt lamb chops

We both have to take the blame for this, BURNT beyond eating.

Grumpy didn’t want the chops in the first place.

I had decided to have roast vegies and lamb chops grilled on the BBQ, but that wasn’t what we ended up having.

Grumpy peeled and cut up the vegies and I put them in a plastic bag and cooked on High in the microwave for 7 minutes.

In the meantime, I had put a roasting pan in the oven with olive oil in the bottom and heated the pan to 250°.

Once the vegies were finished in the microwave, I put them in the pan and sprinkled seasoning over them and put them in the oven to crunch up.

Grumpy put the chops on the BBQ and came in and sat down, he was fiddling with his phone and I was reading through the specials brochures that were put in our letterbox.

I took the vegies out and turned them over, sat back down and started reading again, I don’t know what made me look, but I looked outside towards the BBQ and said to Grumpy, It’s smoking, as usual he made a snide remake, and went out side and then all hell broke loose along with lots of nasty swearing.

The chops were completely inedible, we did try 1 each but gave up halfway through.

We had lovely roast vegies to eat and there was plenty there as I was going to have some for lunch tomorrow.

We ate all the vegies and the chops went in the bin, Grumpy said I don’t want to give the little girl cancer.

She got a lovely bowl of chicken instead and no lunch for me for tomorrow.

Am I allowed to eat it yet

Am I allowed to eat it yet

Chicken for tea for Braandi

Chicken for tea for Braandi



Don’t you just hate when you can’t get something from the shops

I was going to make KFC chicken (Kerrie Farm Chicken) a recipe from the ThermomixForum by achookwoman today and only needed to buy 1 ingredient Celery seeds, and do you think if could find them, I went to 2 different shops, the first nothing and the 2nd had 2 brands that had celery salt, not what I wanted.

Unfortunately I didn’t make the chicken recipe, I was also going to make satay chicken, but ran out of time as I wanted to marinate the chicken before I cooked it.

I asked one of my friends if she new where to buy it and she has suggested a health food store, so I might go an have a look on Saturday if I get time.

Another big cook up today – if Jamie Oliver can do it so can I

I cooked a Home Cooked Gourmet Beef Pie, potato bake and peas and beans for tea, 2 double batches of spaghetti bog, and a lamb casserole to freeze

My electric pressure cooker

(Don’t you just love the old folk art painted bread board that I painted about 20 years ago.)

I cooked the lamb in the pressure cooker, I have an electric Cuisinart and find it fabulous, it browns, simmers and once cooked will keep the food warm until you turn it off.

I have had a few pressure cookers over the years and I find that this is the best one I have ever had, it is so quiet the first time I used it I had to double check to make sure it was cooking because there was NO noise coming from it.

I originally bought it to use on the boat because I don’t want to use the hotplate to cook as smells from cooking goes through all the upholstery and furnishings and there is nothing worse than stale cooking food.

Any of our cooking is done out on the rear deck so that surrounding boats can smell the heavenly food.

A little secret my Nanna taught me was that when there is fat on the surface of the food, put brown paper on the top to suck up the fat, well brown paper is not readily available anymore so I use paper towel to soak up the fat. I fold it a couple of layers thick and flatten it out using tongs and and when soaked, I pull the bin close and chuck it in.

Paper towel to absorb the fat



The filling for the Pie, I cooked in the Thermomix, but we won’t tell Grumpy because he ate it all and didn’t complain, for me that is a bloody miracle.

Beef filling for pie, cooked in Thermomix








I had to try cooking beef in it again as my friend Shelley said she cooked beef in it and it was tender, so I thought I am going to get this right.

I did cheat and use store bought pastry. I watched several you tube videos of Jamie Oliver yesterday and he uses tinned food eg tinned tomatoes and he was quite open about using store bought ingredients if they are on hand to save time, use them.

I love putting pretty additions on my pies, and do you think I was not impressed to find that I have lent my pastry cutter and leaf cutters to someone  as they are not in my drawer where I keep all of my cake and arty farty cooking stuff, so I had to improvise.

Flowers on my pastry



The finished pie, I forgot to take a photo before I started cutting.

Finished pie








Recipe By Johnro From the Forumthermomix.

Gourmet Beef  Made in the  Thermomix
Number of People: – 4 – 6
1 kg chuck or blade steak – cut into 2cm cubes
1tsp brown sugar
1 tabsp flour
1 tabsp TMX stock concentrate
1 tabsp tomato paste
pinch nutmeg
1 lg onion
2 clove garlic
1 tabsp malt vinegar
1 teasp Worcestershire sauce
200g mushrooms
150ml dry red wine
150ml water
1 tabsp cornflour blended with small amount water

Place onion and garlic in TMX chop 3 sec speed 5. Add sugar, flour, stock concentrate, nutmeg, vinegar, tomato paste and Worcestershire sauce to bowl and mix speed 1 or 2 until combined (takes about 30 sec).
Stir through meat and allow to marinate 1 hr – this stage could be skipped if short of time, however the dish is so full of flavour allowing to marinate.
Add meat red wine and water to TMX – cook 50 mins, 100°, speed 1  counterclock.
Add sliced mushrooms 15-20 mins before end cooking.
Add blended cornflour and cook a further 5 -7 mins, 100°, speed 1  counterclock.
Place in thermo server while veg cook.

I cooked potatoes in steamer basket while carrots and broccoli cooked in the varoma.



Tips/Hints: – As shown I served this with mash, steamed carrots and broccoli.  However the recipe adapted from
Best Recipes from the Weekly has a french bread stick cut into 2.5 cm slices spread with a combined mixture of 2 tsp french mustard and 15g butter. After cooking meat mixture in TMX, place slices on top casserole and push down gently to soak up some of the sauce.  Bake uncovered 20 mins moderate oven or until bread is browned.


Left over chicken Recipe

Shredded chicken, sundried tomatoes and onion


We had 2 full cooked chickens left over from our food from the blessing of the fleet and I was not going to chuck it out so I needed to find a recipe to use to cook for tea.

I googled leftover chicken recipes and came up with the site that had over 43 recipes for leftover chicken.

I printed off 2 so that Grumpy could make the decision on which one we would have so that if it wasn’t nice, it wasn’t going to be my fault.

He chose the following recipe but I tweaked it a little as we were missing a couple of ingredients. VERY surprisingly when I asked what it was like, and he said it was OK. This is big praise from him.









The original recipe is by Jenny Fanshaw from Super Food ideas February 2009

I called the Recipe Leftover Creamy chicken pesto pasta

3 cups penne pasta

100ml cream (the recipe said 300ml, but Grumpy doesn’t like creamy sauces)

1/2 cup basil pesto

1/4 red onion (recipe said green onions but we didn’t have any)

1 1/2 cups shredded leftover chicken

1/2 cup drained sun dried tomatoes diced (I used sundried cherry tomatoes as that is what I had in the cupboard)

1/3 cup parmesan cheese ( I didn’t put this in because I forgot it until I was typing this recipe and I don’t eat cheese anyway)



When cooked, drain and return to the pan

Add the remaining ingredients and stir until heated through.

Make sure there is enough left over for lunch tomorrow.

Completed meal for leftover chicken



I have to laugh when I look at this plate, over 30 years ago Coles in Kalgoorlie had a bonus system when you spent so much money you got stickers, when you got enough stickers to fill up the sheet you could get a plate for $2 or 50 cents, I can’t remember, everybody collected them for me and we ended up with a crockery set for 4 people, the plates were a good quality back then and we still have 3 left, the picture above is one of these plates, and Grumpy gives me a hard time every time we use them because we have 2 very nice dinner services that we use for guests only. He keeps threatening to chuck them out but I am not going to ruin a good set by having one broken, so we will continue to use them until we move.


Sweet chilli, bacon and cheese pull apart.

I made a sweet chilli, bacon and cheese pull apart today, and did the dough in the Thermomix and have listed the recipe below. I used the same dough recipe that Grumpy used out of the bread maker  recipe book.

Rolled out dough with Sweet chilli

This is a shot of the rolled out dough, I forgot to take any photos until after I had rolled it out and put the sweet chilli sauce on and spread it out.

Rolled out dough with Sweet chilli with added bacon bits and cheese

I then spread bacon bits and grated cheese over the sweet chilli sauce.

Rolled up dough ready to make pull apart

I carefully rolled the dough and then placed it on the cutting board ready for slicing it up.

Slicing the rolled up dough

I used my normal kitchen knife which is a Victorinox knife that is kept sharp by Grumpy to slice the rolled up dough to put in the pan

Lay the slices in the tray

Ready to cook


On the cooling tray ready to eat

Sweet chilli bacon and cheese pull apart – THERMOMIX

Dough Ingredients
250ml Water
1 egg
2 tbspns margarine or butter
½ tspn salt
1 ½ tspn sugar
¾ tspn bread improver
520g plain or Bakers flour
2 ½ tspns yeast
Olive oil spray for Thermomat
Pull apart Ingredients
Sweet Chilli sauce
250g bacon bits (diced bacon with very little or not fat)
hand full of grated Tasty cheese
additional grated Tasty cheese for top
Dough Preparation
Add all of the ingredients to the TM bowl in the order given
Mix for 5 secs / speed 7 to combine ingredients
Set dial to closed lid position and knead for 2 minutes
Spray the whole Thermomat with the olive oil spray
Tip out of bowl and place in centre of Thermomat
Fold the Thermomat and let rise for approx 30 minutes or until doubled in size
Pre heat  the oven to 180°C
Spray a baking tray with Olive oil spray – I use a non stick pan
Roll out to make a large rectangle covering the Thermomat – very thin if possible
Spread very lightly across the dough sweet chilli sauce (I use a squeeze bottle and squeeze across in a chequered pattern)
Using a dessert spoon, smooth the sweet chilli sauce so that the dough is completely covered
Spread the bacon and cheese across the dough
Roll up the dough into a sausage as tight as possible, from the short end
Cut the sausage into thin rolls
Put cut slices into baking pan
All slices need to be squished if required into pan so that the pan is covered
Squeeze a little more sweet chilli sauce on the top of the dough mix
Add a little more grated to cheese to melt over the top
Place into a preheated oven and cook for approx 18 minutes
When cooked take out of oven
Let cool slightly and then take out and put on a cooling rack

Complain and I will tip it over your head

Complain and I tip it over your head




Grumpy was warned “Complain and I tip it over your head.”


I made Chicken Chasseur a few weeks ago on a cook up on my day off from work, vacuum sealed it and froze it for dinner for another night.


I took the plastic bag out of  the freezer this morning and left it in the fridge to defrost during the day.


When we got home Grumpy asked what were we having for tea, I told him chicken chasseur and he asked what are we having with it, Rice or mash and vegies, I said it was up to him.


He chose rice. Much to his chagrin I cooked the rice in the Thermomix. He asked was I going to get rid of the rice cooker and I said yes.

I was absolutely gobsmacked, he ate the whole lot and didn’t complain, so it can’t have been that bad,  I enjoyed it and even saved some for lunch tomorrow.


The whole meal was cooked in the Thermomix.

I am going to make fruity berry dream for dessert,

Frozen berries, sugar and 1 egg white blended to make a berry dessert like ice cream



Grumpy (Photo credit: Tony in WA)



Bacon & Sweet Chilli & Cheese pull apart – completely Thermomix free

Thermomix. Receta MiniMagdalenas

Thermomix. Receta MiniMagdalenas (Photo credit: chocolatisimo)

Bacon & Sweet Chilli & Cheese pull apart – NOT made in the Thermomix

Bacon & Sweet Chilli & Cheese pull apart – NOT made in the Thermomix.

I wanted to make a pull apart, we eat them all the time from Bakers Delight.

I said to Grumpy I am going to buy more yeast because I am going to use a bit this week, I want to make a pull apart and some cinnamon scrolls.

He walked over to the fridge, looked inside and said you don’t need any, there are 2 sachets of 25 gms each and this container that contains 250gm, it’s half full, if you need more than that there’s something wrong.

I didn’t want the sachets, I need 30gm not 50 and he said well weigh it then. That’s not the point, I want 30gm and I don’t want to have to open a sachet of yeast that may not get eaten.

I didn’t buy any yeast, I thought bugger him I,m going to use his.

He asked me what I was going to put on it and how was I going to make it, I told him, sweet chilli sauce, bacon bits, grated cheese and Chives, (I asked him a few weeks ago to buy me some shallots and of course he didn’t listen and bought me a packet of dried chives)

He was arguing that the Thermomix does not knead bread, it can’t not with those blades, all it does is chop it up.

Well typical Grumpy he went off and made my pull apart, he does this all the time, I think it must be a male chest thumping thing.

He thought he was so smart, we were sitting in the lounge and I got a text, I thought it might have been From my friend Shelley but it wasn’t it was from Grumpy with a photo of his masterpiece and the comment HOME MADE BACON, CHILLI, CHEESE PULL APART COMPLETELY THERMOMIX FREE.

It was very nice, but that is not the point, I was supposed to make it.

I will make one on Wednesday when I have my day off from work and see what nasty comments he can come up with.

Amendment to Building Act to benefit Owners and Builders

Amendment to Building Act to benefit Owners and Builders.

I received an email from the MBA (Master Builders Association) today regarding amendments to the new Building act.

One of the regulations put in place when the act changed 01/04/12, was that the shire MUST provide a building permit once submitted within 25 working days. This is supposed to speed up the process, however we have not found that anything has improved, in fact just the opposite.

Key changes in effect from November are firstly

Starting and stopping the clock:  the shire, if they request further information, from the builder, this does not mean the shire can start the period of providing a building permit again, the act now says that the clock will pause until the applicant supplied the requested info, and restart once the info is provided. Let’s see if this makes a difference.

Power of public authorities:this is minor word changing in relation to Government building works

Access to other land: The amendments have removed the need to obtain consent of the adjoining landowner to

  1. Access land during construction where the land is vacant or unoccupied or
  2. remove a dividing fence where a building permit or development approval authorises the construction of a zero lot boundary wall.

This amendment will benefit both Owners and Builders immensely, as it has been one of the largest problems relating to building applications. We have a client that took over 3 months to be able to obtain neighbour consent to remove a fence and build a parapet (on line boundary wall) firstly because there was never anyone in the home when he visited, secondly when he eventually went to the house when the person was at home, only to find that the house is tenanted and that our client will have to contact the managing agent.  The managing agent then had to contact the Owner and then the Owner took weeks to sign the paperwork.


Head of Power: the amendments provide a head of power within the legislation for

  1. The Minister to make an order removing the need for owner signatures in some circumstances
  2. regulations to prescribe how a permit authority can request missing information both in terms of
    1. how often missing information can requested and
    2. outline the manner in which a request can be made, distinguishing between requests that stop the clock and minor queries that can easily be resolved without stopping the clock.






Another note to self DUH!!!

English: A brownish ramekin, with a plain exte...

English: A brownish ramekin, with a plain exterior. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Remember to grease the ramekins before putting the pudding mix in.


I was making Golden syrup steamed puddings in the Varoma for Thermomix and one of the steps said pour the jam or golden syrup into the bottom of the pot NO MENTION OF GREASE THE PAN.


I should know by now that everything sticks in those ramekin dishes SO GREASE THE BLOODY THINGS.


I will remember to Grease the pots next time



Shelly came over for our cookup

English: A bottle of Worcestershire sauce. Fra...

English: A bottle of Worcestershire sauce. Français : Une bouteille de sauce Worcestershire. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Shelley got her Thermomix yesterday and was coming over to our house today to do a cook up, she was coming early in the morning, I got a text from her and her daughter was not going to school til later in the morning.
I got another text – left the pram in the hubby’s car will not be there until later, Are you sure you are not in our family, that is usually how our luck runs.


Shelley finally arrived and it was as she described like moving house by the time she brought all of the parcels, pram and baby junk I agreed.


She decided that she wanted to cook the risotto in the EDC (Every Day Cookbook) that comes with the Thermomix, we followed the instructions to the T, we won’t tell Grumpy, but it was bloody horrible. Very tasteless and the mushrooms were not cooked. We added salt & pepper, herbs Worcestershire sauce and thought that would make a difference. It didnt’


She decided that when she gets home, she will break a cooked chicken into it and that might help with the flavour.


She took it home. She rang me and said the dogs enjoyed the risotto.


I did explain to her that most of the recipes in the book are VERY BLAND.


I use my own. I am sure that now that she knows the process of the risotto, she can add her own ingredients to enhance the flavours


Foire de Paris 2011 - Démonstratrice avec un r...

Foire de Paris 2011 – Démonstratrice avec un robot Thermomix – 001 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)