Organising your wardrobe and avoid dressing indecision with the following tips.

Organising your wardrobe and avoid dressing indecision with the following tips.


I read an article today that said that a recent study found that women spend 17 minutes out of 24 hours deciding on what to wear and getting dressed each day.

If you are pressed for time, 17 minutes can be a long time, I get dressed in a few minutes and am happy with my outfit for the day.

I don’t have issues with my outfit not suiting my day, the clothes not fitting well or them being creased and not able to wear them.

The keywords are preparation and organisation.

I admit I am not the neatest person, my husband would say that is an understatement, but when it comes to my clothing, accessories, shoes and a completed outfit for any day, I am super organised.

I sort my clothing into type and then colour, for example, I have all of my long trousers, jeans and evening pants hanging together, my dresses and longer tops together, long and ¾ sleeve tops and then my short sleeve tops and jackets hanging in separate sections, then each section is colour sorted.

Having my clothing sorted this way makes it so much easier to find something when I am looking for it.

I hang all my scarves on coat hangers and then on an over the door hanger so that I can just flip through to find the right colour, my costume jewellery (necklaces and bangles) are stored in mesh bags, depending on the size of the item and then my earrings are kept in a sewing storage box in different colours, so that when I find the necklace I am going to wear, I can quickly and easily find the earrings to go with the scarf or necklace and bangle.

I don’t buy any clothes that need ironing, personally, I find myself time poor (I only want to do things that I want to do now, and unfortunately ironing is not one of them) and I’m too lazy to do ironing after many years of spending my weekends ironing school uniforms, business shirts and trousers and my work outfits, I decided that I have more important things to do and with all of the fabrics that clothing is made out of nowadays, there is no need to buy clothing that needs ironing.

I also don’t buy anything that must be dry cleaned, if it can’t go in my front loader washing machine, I don’t buy it. I however do gentle washes in lingerie bags for some special items.

I get up at 4am to go to work, so I need to be organised when I get up, so before I go to bed each night, I decide on what I am going to wear the next day, in fact I even sort out my outfit for weekends.

Firstly, I check my diary to see what is organised for the day and evening then I decide what to wear, if I am going to work and then out for dinner, I will need something that is going to wear well for the day so that I can dress it up for evening and not have to get changed, alternatively, if I need a more formal outfit in the evening, I then decide on 2 separate outfits saving me time, and before I make my decision on what I am going to wear tomorrow, I also check the weather, if it’s going to rain and be windy and cold, I’m not going to wear a short sleeve dress or top and shorts.

I never try on several outfits in a mad panic before I have to leave the house because I know my outfits WILL fit and wear well, if I am not sure of the fit, I will try it on the evening before, as I said before, I am up early, I don’t have time to mess around.

I sort my top or dress first, then leggings, or trousers and shoes then my accessories last of all.

When I am feeling super organised on a Sunday afternoon, I sometimes sort my outfits for the week with a few spare in case I change my mind, the weather is not what I was expecting or something comes up and I need to have a couple of changes for the day.

When I have sorted my outfits, I put them together as an outfit, I hang the top or dress, put the pants or trousers on a hanger next to the top or dress, if I am going to wear leggings, I put them on the same hanger as the top, I put the shoes next to my bed, and the accessories, be it necklace, scarf, bangle or earrings in a mesh bag and hang it on the coat hanger with the dress or top, undies, bra and stockings (if winter, I wear stocking socks as my feet get cold) are all put on the shelf in our robe ready for the next morning.

By doing this I certainly spend considerably less than 17 minutes each day sorting my outfit for the day.

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