SeneGence skin care and makeup

SeneGence skin care and makeup is not just for the young, in fact it is absolutely fabulous for the  mature skin.

SeneGence has developed highly advanced anti-ageing skin care systems that help make every skin type more beautiful and radiant.

Combinations of both natural and scientific ingredients provide proprietary formulations that are scientifically proven in a clinical laboratory to work on 100% of those individuals who use the products as directed.

SeneDerm SkinCare System gently cleanses, moisturises, and protects skin with proprietary SenePlex complex and patented long lasting colour technology.

SenePlex Complex is a kinetic enzyme that affects the way in which cells grow from the bottom layers of the skin to the top.

SeneDerm SkinCare Systems can be used by people with all skin types and is available in formulas to treat a range of skin types from Dry, Normal to Dry and Normal to Oily

All of the products contain SenePlex Complex to fight the signs of ageing by renewing your skin from the bottom up an average of 23.3% more rapidly.

The active enzymes in the advanced anti-ageing system work to eliminate dead skin and produce healthier, plumper cells as they move to the surface of the skin.

This in turn increases

Moisture & Hydration by 54.2%

Collagen Synthesis

Skin Firmness & Elasticity by 51.9%

Skin luminosity by 48.7%

And decreases

Skin Sagging by 25%

And Reduces

Fine line and Wrinkles by 55.7%
Check out some of the photos taken of mature ladies (ladies who have lived) who use SeneGence products

And yes, the bottom 3 photos are of me, and I am approaching my 53rd birthday this year I just love these products and use them every day, no I am not sponsored, but I do sell these products.

If you are interested in trying them out, send me a message and I will get back in touch so I can organise a demo with you, If you are not in my area, I will be able to organise someone who is closer to make a time to see you

Mature lips 24 - 66 yrs-Optimized Mature lips 19 mature lips 18 mature lips 17 - 90 yrs mature lips 16 - 78 yrs mature lips 13 - 63 yrs mature lips 12 - 70 yrs mature lips 11 - 83 yrs

Selfie without makeup img1457258947283-Optimized-Optimized-1img1457271049298-Optimized


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