Bra-blems (Problems with bras) Part 2 – Uneven Breasts


Several years ago, one of my friends went through a double mastectomy and a full breast reconstruction and I remember the trouble she had with self confidence, bras, and clothing, and last week another of my friends has undergone a double mastectomy so I thought I would do some research to assist with her and other ladies about bras after surgery and hope that all ladies that go through this horrible life changing time can gain some info and support from my articles.

This one is for you Judie

Mastectomy bra Mastectomy bra 7 Mastectomy bra 6 Mastectomy bra 3


Don’t be embarrassed if you don’t have perfectly even boobs.

Unbelievably, most women have one boob that is smaller than the other.

Some women have an obvious difference from one boob to another up to a full cup size or even more of a difference.

There are lots of different ways to have a bra fit comfortably on both sides of your bust or to disguise the difference in size.

One of the most convenient solutions for women whose boobs are less than one cup size different on each side, is to use the shoulder straps to adjust the fit on each side.

Try a Little Illusion dressing

If you want to make your bust look a little more even, don’t try to squeeze the larger boob into a bra cup that is too small.

There are lots of ways to fill the smaller cup to create a more symmetrical silhouette. The easiest solution is to wear a moulded cup bra that is fitted to the larger size breast, because this type of bra keeps its shape, and will hide a small difference in cup size.

If your cup size difference is more noticeable, you can use a single breast enhancer in the cup to lift the smaller breast.
A great all-in-one solution for women with a smaller cup size is to buy a padded bra with removable cookies, push-up pads, sometimes called chicken fillets. Simply remove the padding from the larger side. Many modern padded bras come with this option.

Post-Surgical Solutions

Many women have uneven boobs after breast surgery.

For women who have had lumpectomies, mastectomies, or simply have a very large difference between their cup size, it is recommended specialty breast forms.

Mastectomy have other advantages for post-surgical women, including fabric designed to be comfortable against sensitive skin and full-coverage styles that support without binding.

Need a Personal Solution?

Every woman’s body is different, so sometimes you just need a little personal help to find the perfect bra or advice based on your size and shape.

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