TIPS if you are tall and thin

tall and thin

TIPS if you are tall and thin, you’re lucky.

You’re every woman’s envy and every man’s dream girl next door. Not generally true, but at least it’s what they say in the fashion industry. Modelling agencies are constantly looking for your body type.

You’re a designer’s alive mannequin.

Things to remember

•    While you are what are described above, it’s not always possible to can wear everything you want.
•    Clothing colours should also coordinate to your skin tone and hair.

If you are very thin:
•    You should not wear anything clinging.
•    Fullness and softness are your tricks of illusion.
•    Soft, fluffy fabrics in summer and voile are good choices. Boots are best. They camouflage skinny legs under skirts.
•    Vertically striped designs and patterns will make you even look thinner than you are.
•    Keep the very skinny part under wraps.
•    Cover your throat with a scarf, choker, high cowl neck or long hair.
•    Avoid prissy bows and ruffles.
•    Prominent large-scaled designs and patterns such a big polka dots are things to avoid.
•    Layering adds interest and disguises thinness.
•    Like the very short woman, you should avoid heavy shoes. They’ll make your legs look even thinner.

If you think your height is more than what you want
•    Avoid heels, of course. Minimize the use of padding on your shoulder.

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