Outfit of the week – Lime Green is very on trend this summer

Denim tunic with Lime Green top and shoes Green & brown dress with lime green overlay-Optimized Lime Green & orange top with lime shoes & black jacket Lime green floral dress & white pants Lime Green top with white 3-4 trousers Lime green top, white pants & lime green shoes  Pink & lime green blouse with Noni B long shorts

Lime Green Lime green bag and Shoes-Optimized

Lime Green is very on trend this summer, ReDress Your Life has several lime green items on offer.

Tops, blouses, jackets tunics, shoes and bags.

ReDress Your life, specialises in recycled, upcycled and preloved women’s clothing, shoes, and accessories that we sell, consign and trade.
We offer women, who have lost weight style and image solutions going forward towards their goal weight by ReDressing their wardrobe and their lives at an affordable price.

Why look OK when you can look gorgeous in a ReDress Your Life outfit.

We, are no longer young, we are mature, graceful, beautiful women, we love fashion and style just as much, if not more than tall skinny younger women, and we should accept all of our flaws and embrace our bodies as they are, and accept that perfect is not a reality.

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