Body shape is not as important as Proportion


Body shape is not as important when dressing as body proportion is, when dressing clients I advise them that even though it is great to know their body shape, it is even more important to know what your body proportions are and how to dress with these in mind.

Looking at the photo, is a great example, both mannequins are the same size and the dresses even though are different colours are the same size.

I have shortened the mannequin on the left, so that it shows they both have a longer torso, but the one on the right shows this dress is perfect for a body with equal proportions and the one on the left has shorter legs the dress doesn’t look as good as the one on the right. Generally, I would not choose this dress with someone who has a shorter legs in proportion to the torso.

This dress could be altered to suit the mannequin on the right, by shortening the body of the dress (the red part) either by having it altered (an expensive method) or using a thin belt to define the waist so that you can see the torso clearly.

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