Using fashion optical illusion (camouflage) to hide your flaws – Part 1

Look at this famous optical illusion below.

Optical illusion Optical illusion.2Optical illusion.1

All lines are the same length but the line on the right looks the longest or tallest.
Learning how to dress your body shape and balance your physical characteristics can be tricky, however, one of the easiest ways to work with your body shape to look slimmer, taller, shorter or larger is with fashion optical illusion, or camouflage.

Vertical Lines

Thin vertical lines have a slimming effect on the body wherever you place them

The idea is to draw the eye up and down when choosing an outfit, no matter your body shape

You should look for garments that are either;

  • Long in length
  • Have vertical detail on them
  • Or are worn in a manner that draws the eye up and down

Head to toe in colour creates a long, thin line. You can even wear or white or tan, and you’ll always look taller wearing a shoe with heels or a wedge rather than flats.

Even wearing a kitten heel will make you look taller.

Choose shoes that are a similar colouring to your skin without an ankle strap to give the illusion of lengthening your legs.

Dressing using the above suggestions that draw the eye up and down will give the illusion that you are taller and slimmer

The rules of effective Fashion optical illusion or camouflage.

Rule # 1:
You should direct the observer’s eye to where you want it to go.
If you have large feet and you have a small waist, your focal point should be directed towards your waist.
Earrings, makeup or a ruffled neck blouse can move the focus to your face.

A skirt with a slit or a high-heeled shoe can direct the focal point towards your legs.

   Rule # 2:
Use the eyes’ focal points to draw attention away from figure flaws.
Placing jewellery against a dark top or dress can draw attention away from your body flaws.
Placing jewellery against a light top or dress tends to blend with the entire outfit.
A vest, jacket, jumper, or a shawl will all help to camouflage flaws with almost all body types.

Pictures courtesy Bridgette Raes, BRSG Bloggers, Dressing Your Body, Wardrobe Solutions

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