Perfect is not a reality.

perfect is not reality 50plusandlovinglife

Ask a woman what she likes about her body, and she will find it extremely hard to name something, however, if you ask what she doesn’t like, she will be able to list the items without appearing to have to think about it.

Clothing sizes lower women’s self esteem, I am generally a size 12 – 14 with most clothes.

I put on an old dress to wear today and realised it is a size 10, Woo! Woo!.

I haven’t been a size 10 for about 20 years, I  have other some tops and dresses that are sized XL and that really upsets me.

There should be a standard dress size across the world or at least in Australia there should be standard sizing.

For ladies who are trying to lose weight or maintain there weight it can be very depressing to fall in love with a dress only to find that the size is 2 -3 sizes larger than you would normally buy, it can be so demoralizing.

We are fickle creatures and will generally buy it anyway, but that is NOT the point.

I just wish that someone would start thinking about the women who are not size 6 and 170cm tall.

I read a comment in an old Weight Watchers magazine written by Donna Gebbett, Bellbird Park in Queensland and she says

Thank you for featuring in your September issue real women who are on the shorter side of the measuring stick. Three of the four women were between 162cm and 165cm tall, which is my and my friends height range. Usually, the women who grace these pages are around the 180cm mark, which never feels relative to us. This issue of the magazine will be a keeper.


I wish more women would speak up about this so that something can be done and give us older girls a chance to feel feminine and beautiful in our graceful years.

I LOVE magazines and love to buy them, but when I read them, I get very disappointed as all they feature is young very tall very skinny girls, what about us older, graceful and beautiful women.

We, are no longer young, we are mature, graceful, beautiful women, we love fashion and style just as much, if not more than tall skinny younger women, if we accept all of our flaws and embrace our bodies as they are, and accept that perfect is not reality.





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