The secret to keeping flowers fresh is simple


The  secret to keeping flowers fresh in my opinion is simple, but for the life of me, I can’t remember where I got the idea from. This photo was taken last night 23/07/14, the flowers were given to me by my good friend Shelley for my birthday on Saturday 12/7/14, more than 1 week ago and they are still beautiful.

We were at a Christmas in July dinner at MOFSC and she brought the flowers in to me, as the table was full, I had to put them on the floor, when the dinner was over, we had to clean the restaurant and pack up all the decorations for collection the next morning. When we had cleaned up, packed all the Santa’s in their bags and crates, we went down to the boat to go to bed, I put the flowers 0n the galley bench until we got home the next morning, we woke up, went up to the club, after several trips with wheelbarrows back to the boat with the Santa’s, we finally go home around 9:00am when I put the flowers in as vase, I added the secret ingredient and look at them now.

Aspro clear soluble tablets is my secret and it really does work to keep flowers beautiful and fresh.



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