No sleeves in ladies tops?? What to wear to cover up

A question I am often asked, is “Why do shops sell ladies tops and dressessleeveless?”

I believe that the reason they do this is to save money. I am sure that ladies would quite happily pay a little more to have sleeves in their dresses or tops.

Unfortunately, as we age, gravity steps in and all of our lovely taught bits DROP, including our arms.  We all tend to want to cover up the tops of our arms as we are no longer happy to show them off.

There are some beautiful sleeveless tops that most older (mature) women will not buy just because there are no sleeves in them.

Sleeveless topsPicture Courtesy of Polyvore

There are not an awful lot of options to cover up ladies arms. Shrugs, sheer or mesh blouses, mesh Tshirts, and little short sleeve cardigans

shrugsPicture Courtesy of Polyvore

When will manufacturers and suppliers change their thinking about what the consumers want?

When I have a sleeveless top, I will generally wear a shrug, little bolero or a mesh wrap, I would love to go without, but unfortunately, gravity has affected me as well.

sheer blousesPicture Courtesy of Polyvore

It is important that only you decide what you wear and at what age — it is an individual decision about what is comfortable for you and whether you like the look. Of course, we should all have a comfortable relationship with our bodies and let it have some freedom to be what is. There’s nothing wrong with being a little critical and in control when it comes to showing off your bits.


Here are some tips for wearing tanks or sleeveless tops if you don’t want to show them off


1. If you have to wear a sleeveless top or dress – make sure it is to die for — wrap a beautiful, silky scarf around your shoulders.
2. Layer, layer, layer, wear a meshy or transparent stretchy shirt with sleeves under the dress or top, (the only negative with this is that it looks as though you have worn a shirt underneath as a last minute thought.
3.Wear a chiffon or sheer blouse open and over the top of the dress or top
4.Wear a short sleeve cardigan that you can just hang casually over your shoulders if it gets too warm.
5.Wear a bolero


Don’t forget that when you are adding a cover for your arms that you are wearing the colour some where else otherwise there is nothing to anchor the colour and it will just look as though you have thrown it on without any thought to what you are wearing.



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