What a wonderful weekend


Friday afternoon was when my wonderful weekend started, we went to our club (MOFSC) as I was on duty to sell raffle tickets, when we got there the club was chockerblock full. We asked around as to why there were so many people there compared to most other Friday’s. We were told it was a funeral. I sat having a drink and and I say a woman that looked familiar, I went over and asked her if she was a Kalgoorlie girl because she looked familiar and she said she was. She is the sister of one of the girls that I went to school with, she told me that the funeral was for one of her relatives. I asked if her sister was here as well and she was. I found her and chattered with her for quite a while before she left. It was fabulous catching up with her after so long.

She lives in Perth so we should be able to catch up. We stayed at the club for several hours and had tea and drinks with a pile of our friends.

I got up the next morning and went to the shops early to get a few things, I then had visitors arrive about 11.30 and stayed for a few hours chatting.

We had an election party with Grumpy making pizzas for tea and had a wonderful evening.

I woke up very early as Granma was coming to pick me up at 8.00am because Granma and my beautiful daughter in law Tash were going to see Chitty Chitty Bang Bang at Burswood (The new Crown, it will always be the Burswood to us). The kids bought me 3 tickets for my birthday, 1 ticket for me, 1 for Tash  and 1 for Granma, we had a fantastic Mothers Day so they thought we might like to do it again.

When we were seated Tash said to me, “I haven’t seen the movie so I don’t know what it is about”, both Granma and I said the same thing, so we were all seeing the show for the first time.

I bought a program for my friend Shelley as she loves the movie and wasn’t able to get tickets, Tash took the photo of the program and I sent it to Shelley to show her and she got quite excited.

We didn’t get home until nearly 6.00pm and it was a magical day, and an even more magical weekend all in all and it was disappointing to have to think about going back to work tomorrow.



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