How to wear the Feminine Trench

Trench coats can be very feminine, the shape, colour and fit can all make a  difference.

Who says that trench coats need to be tan or black.

.The Feminine Trench

A trench worn over a pair of black leggings can make a very feminine outftit, take the trench off and if you have a decent length top over the leggings, and you have another outfit.

Ways to dress up a ladies trench.

Dress up a pair of jeans . One simple way to wear a trench coat is over jeans and a T-shirt. However, you should consider the length of your trench  Knee-length women’s trench coats look great with jeans, but if you wear heels or boots with a longer trench coat it will help you look taller. If you are petite, trench coats that fall past your knees will overshadow your body and make you look even shorter.

Spruce up a dress. Dresses, with slim, straight lines, will benefit from a trench with a belt, it will add shape. You can wear a cropped or shorter trench with your dress, but you will need to wear heels or boots to elongate your body.

Wear a trench over a knit dress. Ladies’ trench coats can look stuffy and formal if worn over straight fabrics. To mix things up a bit, layer a belted trench over a knee-length knit dress, tights or leggings and boots and wear it open. The contrasting textures will look fabulous together.

Show off your skirt. A pencil skirt and dressy feminine blouse creates a feminine touch of style with a ladies’ trench that falls to or just above the hem of the skirt. Add heels and elegant jewellery to the outfit and you’ll look stunning for either a day at the office or an evening out with friends. You can also wear a belted trench coat over a fuller skirt and heels.

Make your trench look more casual. To avoid making your ladies’ trench look so formal, wear it over lightweight pants, a shirt, with a cardigan and flats or ankle boots and a colourful scarf.


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