Today’s funny Sunday 21st July 2013

Priest and Rabbi

A priest was called away on an emergency. Not wanting to leave the confessional booth unattended, he called his rabbi friend from across the street and asked him to cover for him. The rabbi told him he wouldn’t know what to say, but the priest told him to come on over and he’d stay with him for a little bit and show him what to do.

The rabbi came over and he and the priest sat in the confessional booth together. In a few minutes a woman came in and said, “Father, forgive me for  I have sinned.” The priest asked, “What did you do?”. The woman said, “I committed adultery.” Priest: “How many times?” Woman: “Three times.”

Priest: “Say two Hail Mary‘s, put $5 in the box and go and sin no more.”

A few minutes later a man entered the confessional. He said, “Father, forgive me for I have sinned.” Priest: “What did you do?” Man: “I committed adultery.” Priest: “How many times?” Man: “Three times.”

Priest: “Say two Hail Mary’s, put $5 in the box and go and sin no more.”

The rabbi told the priest that he thought that he got it, so the priest left. A few minutes later, another woman entered the confessional booth and said  “Father, forgive me for I have sinned.” Rabbi: “What did you do?”
Woman: “I committed adultery” Rabbi: “How many times?” Woman: “Once.”
Rabbi:  “Go do it two more times. We have a special this week, three for $5.”



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