1 Trench 4 different ways

I am loving the Capsule Wardrobe theme, with the way the economy is at the moment everyone can benefit from 1 as they can use the minimal amount of core items and just change the accessories and colour to create completely different outfits.

Shopping your wardrobe is a great way to save money and create fantastic capsule wardrobes and outfits that you never knew you had.

If you are seeing the same people day in day out, you may need to spice some of the outfits a little more, so that they don’t notice, however if you are going out with different people they won’t know the difference if you wear the same dress or jacket during the day and then keep it on at night just changing the few accessories.

The accessories don’t have to be expensive as most of the time people can’t tell the difference.

Playing with Polyvore again, I have put together 4 outfits using the same trench and leggings and just changed the brooch, shoes, earrings, belts and  bags.

1 trench 4 ways


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