The Trench

I love trench coats & jackets, they come in all styles and colours. The traditional trench is a camel coloured coat, similar to the one worn on the TV show Colombo. His is scruffy and well worn. If you look after your trench, you can keep it for decades, as they never go out of fashion.

I was 17 when I bought my first trench coat, it was a 50’s style charcoal wool, it was on special as it had been sitting in the job for many years and size 8, I was tiny then. Unfortunately along the way I lent the jacket to someone and never got it back. It wouldn’t fit me now, but I still would have liked to have it, as I could have given it to my daughter in law, she would have loved it.

I have been playing on Polyvore again and created the following capsule using 3 different colour and style trench coats.

The Trench


One thought on “The Trench

  1. yourothermotherhere says:

    I’ve had two trench coats in my life and numerous umbrellas. I’ve lost everyone one of them because I’d sit them down somewhere and forget about them. Now I don’t buy either one anymore, although you are right — they are a timeless classic.


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