Scarf rings

My sister shouted Mummy to a trip to Bali for a holiday for her 7oth and they were going to swim with the dolphins, she asked me if there was anything that I would like her to buy me.

My friend had told me that the new thing now was scarf rings made out of shell, so I asked her to get me a couple of those if she found any.

She got me 2 made from shell, 1 very light cream one and 1 an orange colour and 2 made from the shell of the coconut and 1 silver one that she bought a while ago on eBay and it has only just arrived.

In my opinion scarf rings are best worn with plain coloured scarves, especially if the scarf ring is ornate, otherwise you  will lose the impact of the ring itself.

Vintage-Scarf-Tube-Ring-Open-Silver-Daisy-Flower-01__77465_zoomsilver-scarf-ring-antique-silver-scarf-ring-open-silver-scarf-ring-weave-silver-scarf-ring-silver-scarf-ring-slide-Favim_com-614249file_102_11 DSC09641 6341 2012-09-17-14_56_35 001PolymerBailScarffashion-multifunctional-necklace-scarf-accessories-ladies-scarf-heart-pendant-scarves-for-women-winter-scarf-jewelry-scarf il_fullxfull_390051999_7zbr scarf-necklace19x

There are lots of ways to use scarf rings, and different types of rings or accessories to add to the scarf rings.

A scarf can change a whole outfit, adding embellishments to the scarf when wearing a plain top can change the outfit again. They can be simple to put on the scarf and take off which means that you don’t have to have loads of them, just a few key pieces can change the whole scarf and or outfit.


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