My Reveiw of the Pink concert Friday 28th June 2013

I have never been to a concert before, so this was a new experience for me.

I have to say the concert was fantastic!!!!!

The pre show function at the Sheraton was NOT!!

When we got the tickets, there were none available to purchase in WA, so one of my friends who also wanted to go, was able to get some from the Eastern states for a WA concert!! how bazaar, the only tickets that were available were gold class, which included drinks and canapés at the Sheraton for an hour as pre show function. The tickets were not cheap, $350 per person, I thought this was outrages, however Grumpy wanted to go, so I said ok.

Sue bought and paid for the tickets, we paid Sue and last week we received the tickets and the pre show function ticket.

We decided to go into the city on the train, as we were getting on the train at the beginning of the line, we got seats, however we sat on the wrong side and got the sun in our face the whole time.

Not a problem, we were going into the city to a concert.

The train trip was quick and very pleasant, we all said why don’t we do this more often, because we are too busy boating.

I wanted to have something light to eat as I wasn’t sure what the canapés would consist of so we went into Fast Eddies for a drink and something light. Well that was a disaster, they wouldn’t serve our friends or Grumpy a beer or glass of wine as they were not having a main meal, I ordered a BLT and milkshake (I haven’t had one in so many years I can’t remember) and Grumpy ordered a bruschetta still no drinks, so we decided to finish up and go to the Sheraton for a drink before the pre show function.

Still all good

We have our drink and go into the function room and this is where the issues began, the cost of this was $200 as the tickets were priced at $150. The only drinks on offer were beer (limited amount, not type) white wine and champagne, I had to ask for a glass of water, I did get one after about 10 minutes and it was warm tap water. Remembering that the function was only for an hour, I was not impressed. The food (canapés) was trays and trays of sushi and a horrible squishy looking thing with prawns in it. I don’t eat sushi so didn’t have any, I took one of the squishy prawn things, and touching it made me squirm, it was gooey and felt slimy, I took one bite and had to spit it out, it had 1 tiny prawn and it was full of coriander in it. I put it on the table near me, and low and behold lots of other people had the same idea, there were more uneaten of these things sitting on this table than people in the room

Lots of trays of food were coming out but unfortunately it was all the same.

about 6.15, the wait staff started bringing out red wine, so this increased the choice of drinks somewhat.

At about 6.35 some of the wait staff brought out trays of skewers with prawns & capsicum on them(whoever came up with the menu should be shot), I of course took one as I had paid to have some food, so I thought I would have one. WORST thing I could have done, there was a huge lump of chilli in the prawn and I started to cough quite loudly, Sue by now was getting really annoyed went outside the function doors and complained to the staff that there was not a single soft drink, water or juice on offer.

About 5 minutes later, I got 2 drinks a sprite and a squash, so things were looking a little better.

At 6.45pm the wait staff started bringing out little beef rolls not much bigger than a 50c piece, yes I did manage to get one, and yes it was nice.

at 6.55pm (5 minutes before the function was due to end, I might add and half the people had left the function room) the wait staff brought out fried chicken pieces, yes I got one of those as well and then we left to go to the concert.

Moral of this story, just because you pay exorbitant money for a pre show function does not mean it is going to be worth it and in this case it certainly wasn’t.

This is where the highlight of the night began, the concert. I cannot say enough about the show, Pink herself, she is so humble and down to earth.

if I ever have the opportunity to see anther concert, it would definitely be Pink. The lighting, dancers, Pink and the comedian little fellow was just fabulous. I have listened to her songs and seen some of her music DVD’s but not really taken much time to watch, she is a very athletic person and her routines showed this.




6 thoughts on “My Reveiw of the Pink concert Friday 28th June 2013

      • yourothermotherhere says:

        I’m glad. I’m sorry the pre-concert party wasn’t worth the price, but you did have a good time at the concert and that’s great!


      • ReDress Your Life says:

        The encore was the best part, she only did one song, but she came out in a gold with black full body leotard and what I initially thought was a tutu, in fact was a metal ring, they dropped wires from different angles in the roof and she was suspended from these wires and flew around the stadium, down touching the patrons hands and then up into the ceiling,it was magnificent!!
        A pity that a lot of people left the arena before she came back out.
        I would certainly recommend it just for the show. The music was fantastic as well. What I most liked about her is that she was just like the rest of us.


  1. yourothermotherhere says:

    Wow, what a show it must have been! And I can’t think of a greater compliment to her than to say that she was just like us. I think she’d be pleased to hear it.


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