Going to my first concert tonight – PINK

We are going to see PINK tonight, my first ever concert, we fogging oping to go into the city on the train from Mandurah into the city, drinks & nibbles for the pre show function at the Sheraton.

Should I Wear something Pink???

it’s going to be quite cold so I will need to rug up, so I could wear a pink scarf!

Given that the pre show function is at the Sheraton, I suppose I should dress up a little bit, I thought black jeans, black boots with a little heel (have to walk from the train station to the Sheraton and then to the new adrenaline and then back to the train station at the end of the concert) a beautiful Noni be cream sheer pleated blouse with bell sleeves and pearls and beads on the collar , a BooRadley black patch embossed and pleather vest (it has beautiful shape) and a black PingPong embossed jacket, and off course a pair of black leather gloves, can’t help to add my Princess status item most (most of our friends call me princess apparently I am precious).





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