5 simple tips How to Look Slimmer for over 50″s

Fashion Over 50 – How to Look Slimmer

If you are one of those fifty plus women who wishes they were a few kilos lighter or several dress sizes smaller, then there are some key fashion tricks you can play in order to give the illusion of looking slimmer.

All it takes is a little knowledge, and with some clever illusion dressing, you can make yourself look thinner than you really are.

5 simple tips anyone can follow are:

1. Learn how to dress to suit your body shape

When you know what cut, fabrics and styles flatter your figure, it can be life-changing.

Wearing the wrong type of clothing for your body shape can, in some cases, add on kilos – wearing the right cut and fabric can take them off!

2. Choose your prints and fabrics carefully

A print with a vertical stripe or diagonal pattern will make you look taller.

Horizontal prints will make you look wider, prints that are out of proportion to your body will do the same.

For example, if your have a small / slight  bone structure – with narrow wrists etc., then don’t go with an oversized print.

If you on the plus side, then a small print will make you look even larger.

A bulky, heavier or thicker textured fabric can make you look larger than you are, so can shiny or metallic fabrics, they can be very unforgiving, showing all your lumps and bumps.

3. Learn how to wear colour 

Wearing an outfit in the same colour family – eg. different tones of the same colour, top to toe will make you look slimmer.

This means matching your tights, leggings or stockings to your shoes.

If you are larger in the bust, wearing a darker colour on your top half will make the upper part of your body appear slimmer.

The opposite applies if you want to appear slimmer on your bottom half.

As a general rule dark colours will make you appear slimmer, but that doesn’t mean you have to wear black.

Jewel colours, for example dark green, ruby red and deep blues can be very flattering for the mature woman.

Dark blue – wash jeans, for example, are far more flattering to legs than a light stonewash jeans.

4.  Choose the length of your lengths clothing carefully

Dresses and skirts that finish on or just below the knee are more slimming than those that finish at the calf which is the fattest part of the leg.

Tops and dresses that have 3/4-sleeves will slim – down arms and cover those unwanted bingo – wings.

5. Choose your shoes carefully  

Most women over 50 understand the wonder of a pair of heels but some may not want to  wear them.

However, if you want to look instantly slimmer for a special occasion, put on a pair of  stilettos and wow, your body appears to have dropped a dress size, as opposed  to  wearing flats.

If you hate wearing high heels try a wedge shoe, they are much easier to walk in, or settle for a pair of lower kitten heels, which will still give you some height, but beware they are not as stable to walk in

If you just don’t like wearing heels of any kind then opt for a flat shoe with a pointed toe as they will elongate the leg.

Beige or nude  coloured shoes will make your legs look longer, peep – toe shows will elongate the foot, however, shoes with ankle straps are a not for anyone who has thick ankles.


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