Cyan – 1 block colour with accessories 8 ways

Cyan – 1 block colour with scarves 8 ways

I decided that I would put together an outfit using a block colour of black, as everyone is wearing black these days.

My mum has started wearing scarves and she is looking great in them, today for our mother’s day luncheon she had the most beautiful scarf that was black with magnificent autumn leaves tied at her neck, and I thought it was just a striking colour scheme and I thought this week I would include a black column with different scarves to create different outfits.

Cyan 8 ways

These multi coloured scarves are just beautiful and can be worn all through the year to create different looks with each one, however I thought that as it is starting to get a little cooler, the core pieces for this capsule are a black jumper and long pants (trousers) with cyan shoes and bag and put together with the different scarves to create 8 different outfits.

If you were going out to different functions mixing with different people, you would get away with all of the above.


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