I love Polyvore – Taupe Weekend wear

I love Polyvore – My selection for taupe Weekend wear made on Polyvore using my own template.

Taupe weekend wear

This jacket can double as a dress over leggings, the boots don’t have high heels so would be suitable for walking, so I would be comfortable wearing this outfit shopping, because when I go shopping I walk from one end of the shopping centre to the other (this is also how I get my 30), so the shoes have to be comfortable to walk in.

I would wear all of the outfit, except the shoes on the boat, I have a taupe pair of boat shoes that I would swap for the boots, and I would wear it out for lunch.

I love to organise my clothes so that when I buy a piece I can use it for different purposes, to change the outlook, a black belt could be added, a long silver or black necklace could replace the scarf with a polo neck skivvy and change the hat to a beret. A whole new look is created.



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