I’m in big trouble, I didn’t say what watch I did get for our 31st Anniversary


I always get into trouble, Grumpy read my post and said “bloody lovely you told the world that you didn’t get what you want for your anniversary but didn’t say what you did get”.

Well thankyou Grumpy foe my beautiful watch.

I was out at the shops on Saturday when he rang and said where are you?, Well I was at the shops DUH!!! He asked if I was still at the Forum, and I said that I hadn’t got there yet, He wanted to know where the bloody hell I was, WELL, I was visiting other shops!!

He asked me to go and have a look at some watches, I thought he was talking about what he wanted, so I said I didn’t care what he got!!  Well that didn’t go down very well, “So you will like what I buy for you then?”. I said it had to have diamonds and it had to be black, I don’t particularly like black and gold watches, they look tacky so I got a black and silver one.

I very quickly finished what I was doing and headed to the Forum where we looked at several watches,and then decided on the Tag Formula 1, he got a Tag watch as well don’t know the model

He spent 15 minutes trying to get the photos right (the flash was a pain it kept reflecting on the glass)


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