Outfits for Thursday 14th to Wednesday 20th March 2013

IMAG0007I wore this Philosophy dress with my trusty Noni B shorts on Thursday.

IMAG0082I wore this Philosophy skirt and top with Susannegrae shrug on Friday as it is wrinkle free which is a great choice for wearing all day at work and then out for tea at our club MOFSC with just a change of necklace and earrings, a pick me up with makeup and a spray of perfume makes me feel like a new woman going out to tea.

Qior red & black dress with black shortsI wore this Qior dress and Noni B long shorts as there was no shopping on Saturday, we spent the day on the boat.

IMAG0069I wore this dress with my trusty Noni B shorts on Sunday for lunch at the club. The first time I put this dress on was in Bali when we went to look at wedding venues with Kyel and Tash, I put it on and took it straight off again as it was so creased it looked awful, when I put it on again, I found that the fabric has a permanent crease in it and it wasn’t that I had crushed it in our suitcase.

IMAG0060  Lemon wedding shoesI wore this Threadz dress with leggings and my lemon shoes with diamontes that I bought to wear at the Kid’s wedding, (well I bought 2 pairs, this pair and a silver embossed pair, they were both on special and at the time I hadn’t decided on what I was going to wear). The colour of the cream on the dress is so close to the colour of the shoes, you would think they were made to be worn together.

IMAG0066I wore this Black Plum dress and pants on Wednesday as it was quite a warm day and the fabric to both the dress and the pants have a permanent wrinkle.



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