Today’s funny Saturday 6th April 2013

A modern day cowboy has spent many days crossing the desert without water. His horse has already died of thirst.

He’s crawling through the sand, certain that he has breathed his last, when all of a sudden, he sees an object sticking out of the sand several yards ahead of him.

He crawls to the object, pulls it out of the sand, and discovers what looks to be an old brief case. He opens it and out pops a genie. But this is no ordinary genie. She is wearing an Inland Revenue ID badge and a dull grey dress.

There’s a calculator in her pocketbook. She has a pencil tucked behind one ear. 

‘Well, cowboy,’ says the genie… ‘You know how I work. You have three wishes.’
‘I’m not falling for this,’ says the man. ‘I’m not going to trust a tax auditor genie.’
‘What do you have to lose? You’ve got no transportation, and it looks like you’re a goner anyway!’
The man thinks about this for a minute, and decides that the genie is right. ‘OK, I wish I were in a lush oasis with plenty of food and drink.’
The cowboy finds himself in the most beautiful oasis he has ever seen. And he is surrounded with jugs of wine and platters of delicacies.
‘OK, cowpoke, what’s your second wish.’
‘My second wish is that I was rich beyond my wildest dreams.’
The man finds himself surrounded by treasure chests filled with rare gold coins and precious gems.
‘OK, cowpuncher, you have just one more wish

Better make it a good one!’
After thinking for a few minutes, the man says. ‘I wish that no matter where I go, beautiful women will want and need me.’
He is turned into a tampon.
The moral of the story: If the government offers you anything, there’s going to be a string attached.



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