Swimming Dog on raft up at Dawesville with SOPYC (South of Perth Yacht Club)

Bating weather on the long weekend was not looking to good up to the end of the week, on Wednesday, friends of ours went to Rottnest Island ready for the MOFSC (Mandurah Offshore Fishing and Sailing Club) Rottnest Convoy. We don’t go because we have the little girl and for us being on the boat includes having her with us.

I don’t envy them as on Wednesday laying in bed at home, I asked Grumpy would the weather be as bad at Rottnest, especially in Thompson Bay, where they were and he said “Probably worse”.

Thursday night was not much better. We travelled to Mangles on Friday afternoon not until about 4.00 as Grumpy got caught on the Freeway at Karel Ave, where a container came off the back of a truck and took hours to get sorted. Our trip us was not too bad but we weren’t able to tonk (go slow) up as the swell and the wind were not conducive to tonking. We connected our rope to the mooring and were going to walk it up, but it was a little windy so we dropped the ropes and turned around and I picked them up with the boat hook, feeling very dizzy as I was still not well.

We had a BBQ  tea on our friends boat, watching the numerous huge crabs in their blue lights and we were talking about how the weather changes so quickly and how calm it was. We finished our tea and within about 15 minutes the wind came up, we got in our dinghy and went back to our boat, the little girl sits right out on the front of the dinghy so I had to hold her tail in case she went over, the wind was blowing the waves up and over us and every time we dipped back down the little girl got a face full of sea water.  It was not a pleasant night on the water, it would have been a great deal worse over at Rottnest.

The next day was very pleasant not doing very much, our friends came over to our boat for lunch and then we had ham & salad rolls for lunch tea.

We decided on Saturday afternoon that we would head back to Mandurah on Sunday after lunch as the wind was going to come up and there is no point sitting on our mooring and being uncomfortable, so we were going to anchor in the estuary in front of the War Memorial, (we love anchoring there, nice and quiet but still a lot to see on the water), however Grumpy took the little girl to the beach and the wind started coming up, so we decided to head home early. We were tonking on our way home and I was laying on the couch as I was still not feeling too good, and Grumpy had the radio on and thought he heard one of our friends talking over the radio. He did, so he asked what they were doing and did they mind if we joined their convoy. He welcomed us and we picked up speed and decided to join them on their convoy to Dawesville through the cut and anchor in the bay.

We had to stand off for a while as all of the boats have to raft (tie) up in accordance with their size, the largest boat anchors and then on either side, the next largest size boat ties up. We were the second boat to tie up on the left so we put our anchor out. We raft up with our friends all of the time, however it was interesting rafting up with people and boats you don’t know as we forget that they don’t know our methods and you are not sure of where to put the fenders to suit the boat that you are rafting up to as they are all different sizes and shapes. We were lucky the boat we rafted up next to was a 47 Riviera, our friends has this size boat so I was able to put the fenders in the right place, however the boat that we were tying up to had not rafted up with us before so we had to learn their process. All good.

Once all 18 boats were tied up, the fun started. People started pulling out their blow up toys, trampolines, rafts, and started dropping tenders  water bomb fights



Check out the floating spa the middle of the photo, unfortunately that was the best I could get.

The little girl wanted to swim and so Grumpy through her in, she swam and swam and swam. We eventually got her out, she spotted the fish at the back of our boat and decided that she wanted to go in, she has NEVER jumped from the swim platform so we didn’t think she would go in. She jumped and swam out and we got worried that she might get taken out too far in the current so after about half an hour Grumpy swam out to get her, I was worried as he was not a strong swimmer and they swam out behind the little I decided to put her life jacket on and connect ropes so we could pull her in.

IMAG0037She swam for hours, and about 4.30pm it was time to start cleaning up as it was anchors up at 5.00pm.

We finally pulled our anchor and headed back to Mandurah and stood off until all the other boats had tied up so we could see if there was a spare spot on the collector jetty, we were lucky, there was a spot, we pulled in and had a very welcome hot shower and went up to the club to the Hook Cafe or a BBQ tea and a lovely send off for our Bosun Tony who is retiring and going travelling.

To be honest now that Tony is not going to be there, we are quite worried about how the club is going to run as he did just about everything and we notice when he is not there, nothing gets done.





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