Outfits for Thursday 21st February to Wednesday 27th February 2013

Gabriella Fratini white with grey dress & grey trousersIMAG0026


I wore this Gabriella Fratini white with grey dress &  grey trousers from Target on Thursday with my grey sandals, the little pieces of fabric on the R/H side of the dress L/H when I was wearing it, kept getting caught on my watch and I had to keep untangling it.

Blue Philosophy dress with white T shirt & white trousersWhite Novo shoes with flowers

I wore this outfit on Friday, it is a Blue Philosophy dress with white T shirt & white trousers with my white Novo shoes with the flowers on the top, they have a diamonte as the centre of each of the flowers.

IMAG0030Diana Ferrari black with timber heels

I wore this Philosophy outfit on Saturday to go shopping, we were supposed to go on the boat and sit in the estuary and just chill, however Grumpy was not well (Manflu) so we stayed home and just pottered.  I wore these Diana Ferrari shoes, I have had them for a few years now and every time I wear them, people comment on how sexy they look and where did I get them from. I get a lot of my shoes from Gomes in Mandurah, they carry a fantastic range of shoes, for all occasions.

Grey, red & black tunic with black shrug and black long shortsI wore this Lilia dress on Sunday, Grumpy was feeling a little better, so we tonked over to the club (MOFSC) for a light lunch. I bought this dress years ago from Kings Park Fashion in Mandurah http://www.kingsparkfashions.com.au/. I love clothes that are different, I don’t want to look like everyone else, especially at a function. I remember we were at our club one night a few years ago and there was a function on for the Rotary club and all the patrons were dressed up. I couldn’t get over the amount of ladies that had the same fabric or style dress on, boy was I glad I didn’t have my dress on that night. I have to say though some of the ladies that had the same style dress obviously didn’t have an honest sales person dealing with them as the dresses were too tight and either they should have chosen a larger size or got a different dress, there are only so many bulges that look ok and on a larger woman, a skin tight dress with lots of rolls making them look like the Michelan man is on one of them.

IMAG0027I wore this philosophy outfit on Monday, I had already started not feeling well, on Sunday evening so I didn’t wear the shoes, i put my black slip ons in my lunch bag to bring (I don’t wear shoes in the car) and I don’t think I took them out of my lunch bag until Tuesday when I got to work.

IMAG0031I wore this outfit on Tuesday, I can’t remember the brand, and really at this stage couldn’t care less, I just grabbed the first thing that was hanging in the cupboard that didn’t need jewellery as I was not going to stand in front of the mirror to put any on. Putting on the makeup was going to be bad enough when I am dizzy and having the dreaded flushes.

Black & grey dress - top with long shortsStill not feeling well, so grabbed the closest outfit that again didn’t need jewellery. I wasn’t expecting clients so on big deal, we had 1 client that came in for an hour and 2 sales reps, just what I didn’t need. I did make the effort to put on some nice dangly earrings and makeup that morning so I didn’t feel so bad. This is a Threads dress with beading and various fabrics.

Hoping to feel better for the remainder of the week, we are going to Mangles for the weekend – weather permitting so I will have to pack for the trip.

One must always look ones best regardless of circumstance, if you don’t, that will be when you bump into someone that you know and  want to impress.



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