Outfits for Friday 15th to Tuesday 19th February 2013

On Friday my assistant was off work going to a funeral so I had to take over reception so I wanted to ensure that I wore something comfortable and practical as I would have to be up and down the stairs throughout the day.

Grey & black dress with beading on bodice, black shrug & black long shorts

This philosophy dress suited that purpose in that it was comfortable and I didn’t have to wear a necklace as the dress had enough beading to take the place of a necklace. The olive fabric of the dress is like a crinkle cheesecloth with the frill at the bottom as sheer fabric.

The only thing wrong with this dress is that is very full and not fitted so I felt like I was in a balloon.





I went shopping on Saturday morning for the makings of a salad for a BBQ on the boats at our MOFSC club in the evening.

Philosophy blue & white dress with blue shrug & white trousers


While I was in the shops I spotted 2 old school friends that I hadn’t seen for years.

It was lovely to see them after so long.

This dress is a philosophy crushed cotton type fabric with a blue bolero and white Noni B long shorts with blue shoes from Novo.

I wore a silver necklace and matching earrings that I bought in Thailand last year.

After Grumpy got home from doing ropes for another friends boat, we went over to the club and rafted up against the collection jetty for the night.

One of our friends has advised us that he has bought a Riviera boat dealership and is going to set up in Mandurah, so Grumpy went with him for a few hours in the afternoon to go around the canals to see how many Rivieras there are in Mandurah. They only went into 2 canals and they found 18 boats of various sizes.

After they got back we went to the Oyster bar for drinks and some oysters I don’t particularly like them, especially not raw, they taste like boogies going down you throat.

On Sunday we were heading home early as we had friends who live North of the river that we don’t see very often were coming to visit after a trip down south, so we got up, had a shower on the boat and headed home before 7.30am.


I wore this dress on Sunday, it is quite girly with pink flowers and a tie waist.

The grey fabric on the side is like it has been shredded with a pink floral pattern underneath.

I sat at the kitchen bench during the day cooking and doing some work and every time I got up to move, the button on the pocket got caught under the edge of the benchtop.

Thompson blue dress & Noni B 3-4 trousers

On Monday I wore this Thompson dress with blue overlay, black Noni B long shorts and black slip ons








IMAG0012I wore this outfit on Tuesday both the top and the long shorts I got from my local shop La Dee Da, they have wonderful clothes that are great for combining with other clothes to make fantastic outfits.

I wore my blue high heel shoes from Novo, but took my flats just in case my feet or back got too much for me.











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